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About JobTestPrep’s Millicom Wonderlic Packs

Boost your confidence and glide through Millicom ’s hiring process and Wonderlic-style with our exclusive PrepPacks™. and get the job you always wanted.


In-Depth Preparation for Your Millicom Wonderlic Tests

The Millicom Wonderlic-style tests will be a breeze after practicing with JobTetsPrep. Our PrepPacks™ were designed to help you in outperforming the other Millicom candidates. Join us today and receive countless invaluable practice tests and study guides to help you throughout the Millicom hiring process.


Millicom Interview

There are many types of interviews that you may face during the recruitment process, so it is wise to prepare for each one in advance. Companies will typically begin with a short 10-30-minute phone interview to further screen potential applicants. If you successfully pass this interview stage, the company will invite you to participate in either a traditional face-to-face interview or in a panel interview. Arranging for each type of interview beforehand will give an indisputable advantage regarding the types of questions you will be asked as well as the types of behaviors to exhibit.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

No consideration is given to how many questions on the Verbal Reasoning Test applicants answer correctly, when their final score is counted. Rather, their final scores are calculated in relation to the scores of other candidates vying for similar positions. This means that even if your objectively measured raw score is high, it still may be considered low, when measured against the scores of other test takers. If you answered 92% of answers on the Verbal Reasoning Test correctly and the majority of other applicants got 94% of them right, your score will not be enough to recommend you for the applied position. It is crucial, therefore, to prepare for the Verbal Reasoning Test before you go to your pre-employment assessment. Study with JobTestPrep’s resources and outperform other applicants for the position.

What Questions Are Posed on the Numerical Test?

There are different types of questions on the Numerical Reasoning Test. The most common type is the Word Problems Test. On this test, you will be given the description of a situation involving people who either buy some goods for a specified price or provide some services and ask certain amounts of money for them. Your task is to calculate how much money these people either spend or receive. You may need to work with full numbers, decimals, and fractions.

What Are Situational Questions Asked on the Interview?

When employers ask candidates situational questions, they seek to evaluate their possible behavior in various working situations. What they want to hear from you is a story about a challenging event in your former work place with which you successfully dealt. You need to tell your interviewers why the situation was problematic and what steps you took to resolve it. Recruiters also expect from you to explain why you arrived at a certain decision, what were the alternatives, and why you rejected them as possible solutions. Try to answer situational questions according to the STAR format, dwelling first on the Situation, Test, Action, and Results. If you keep in mind the STAR method while you are answering situational questions, your answers will be fuller and more convincing. JobTestPrep can help you master the STAR method and thus create a more favorable impression on your face-to-face interview.

Why Should I Begin Preparing for Millicom Wonderlic Test?

There is no doubt that the Wonderlic test will directly impact your chances of moving forward in the interview process and it is thus important to prepare thoroughly for every stage of the process. Choose Jobtestprep and enhance your knowledge and skills.

At What Point in the Millicom Hiring Process Will the Wonderlic-style test be Administered?

Upon filling out your job application and receiving a screening call or possibly a in person face to face with HR, you will be invited to take the Wonderlic-style test among other exams. The tests will examine not only your technical ability, but personality and ability to mesh into the company culture (important these days.) Upon successfully passing the test you will move on to the interview stages with managers and possible C-Levels (position depending) and from there hopefully a job offer.


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