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About TABE

DRC|CTB launched the TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Education) as an assessment of basic school skills. It is used mainly as a placement tool in adult education. In order to successfully prepare adult students for goals such as acquiring a GED, adult educational programs need to understand what your knowledge in the basic tenements of education are.

From your perspective, minimizing the amount of time necessary for reaching your educational goals is financially essential. By preparing for the TABE assessment, your initial placement can realistically begin at a higher level, requiring a shorter educational timeframe.

In addition to the use of TABE as a means of determining the placement of new students, the test is also utilized to screen clients and employment applicants.

Types of TABE

 There are two types of TABE:

  • TABE 9 & 10

TABE 9 & 10

TABE 9&10, is an adult basic skills assessment to meet the diverse needs of the adult education market. The TABE 9&10 Complete Battery consists of five test levels (Literacy, Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Advanced), two test forms (9 and 10), and a Locator Test.

The test measures six basic skills:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Language
  • Language Mechanics
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling

You will have approximately three and a half hours to complete the test. There will be a total of 225 items found on the test.

There is also a TABE Advanced-Level Tests which measures skills in science, social studies, Algebra/Geometry, and writing. There are 70 multiple-choice questions and 70 math questions. There will also be an essay portion to this test. This test is found in two formats: Paper & Pencil or Computer-based.  


TABE CLAS–E is a set of assessments designed to measure adult learners' English language proficiency and aid in transitioning learners into mainstream education programs or career paths. The items and passages in TABE CLAS–E focus on workplace, community, and education contexts that are practical and familiar and that will motivate adult learners.

The TABE CLAS–E assesses the language proficiency of adult English language learners in the areas of: 

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Speaking

There will be 75 items on the test. For the speaking section there will be 16 items. This test is only in Paper & Pencil format.

Exam Tips

  • Read test instructions carefully.
  • Plan you time – answer the easy questions first; then return to the harder questions if you have time.
  • Keep in mind that TABE does not present trick questions.
  • Practicing on sample tests with questions that are similar to TABE test questions, is geared to more accurate TABE test answers.
  • Change an answer only if you are certain that your original answer is not correct.
  • Read each question carefully.

Prepare for TABE Tests

Doing your best on any exam takes preparation, and if you’ve reached this site you’re on the right track. You can find a thorough and affordable TABE Test preparation package at JobTestPrep, including sample questions, realistic practice tests, Tabe test study guides, detailed explanations and score reports. If you want to start practicing for the TABE test, you’ve reached the right place. JobTestPrep is here to help you succeed. 

Ready to begin your TABE test practice? JobTestPrep offers a TABE preparation package which includes practice tests and TABE study guides, which will help you improve your score. Subscribe below in order to get notified the second the TABE preparation package goes live.

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