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What's Included

  • 15 Reading Comprehension Tests
  • 10 True/False/Cannot Say Tests
  • T/F/C Study Guides
  • T/F/C Video Tutorials
  • 7 Math Word Problems Tests


SDG&E Administrative Test Preparation

Responding to job applicants’ need to score high on the Administrative Test—Green Battery, JobTestPrep has brought together valuable resources designed to improve those of their cognitive abilities that are measured on the test. Our practicing materials are thus specifically directed at honing applicants’ reasoning, reading comprehension, and problem-solving skills. 

Reasoning: With our assistance, you will learn how to analyze facts quickly and draw valid conclusions on the basis of their logical implications, thereby correctly estimating the truth value of statements given on the test. 

Reading Comprehension: JobTestPrep also offers practice tests that will teach you how to zero in on important information and make appropriate judgments about described situations while reading a test.

Problem-Solving Skills: After preparing using JobTestPrep's materials, you will also know how to do quick arithmetical calculations using details provided in various narrative scenarios. 

SDG&E Interview Questions 

When you apply for any of the administrative positions at SDG&E, interviewers may want to learn not only about your work history but also about the qualifications and skills that make you suitable for an administrative job. Therefore, together with general questions about your professional goals, you will be asked competency-based questions. Prepare also to talk about the specific software you need to use to perform administrative tasks. Candidates vying for administrative positions may be asked the following questions:

  • Can you handle a high volume of telephone calls?
  • How do you cope with stress and pressure?
  • What traits should the best supervisor possess?
  • Do you work well with people?
  • What computer skills do you have and what programs are you comfortable using?
  • What motivates you to do administrative work?
  • Describe your previous duties as administrative assistant.
  • Did you need to deal with sensitive or classified information in the past?
  • How do you keep your daily schedule organized?
  • What messaging system and calendar programs do you use? 

Think over these and similar questions before you set foot into the interview room. Coming to the interview with formulated answers will increase the positive impression you make on SDG&E employers. Also, do research about the company and its goals before you meet its representatives in person.   

SDG&E Administrative Test – Green Battery 

The Administrative Test—Green Battery: This test is offered to applicants interested in landing administrative jobs. It is comprised of three parts evaluating your reading comprehension, reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and numerical skills. Overall, you will require 25 minutes to complete all sections. The Administrative Test is divided as follows:

  • The Reasoning Test evaluates your ability to analyze facts and draw relevant logical conclusions from them. The test has 30 questions, each containing a statement and conclusion. The facts are presented in the form of a list. You will need to read all statements on the list carefully and then to evaluate whether a conclusion is true or false. Note that sometimes it will be impossible to make certain claims based on the given information. If this is the case, you will need to consider the statement indeterminable and mark it as “X.” You will be given only five minutes to judge whether drawn conclusions are true or false, or indeterminable. 
  • The Reading Comprehension Test estimates your verbal comprehension and reasoning. It consists of 23 questions which you will need to answer within 10 minutes. In this test, you will read several short passages and answer questions about them, selecting answers from several alternatives. You may find it helpful to scan quickly a list of questions at the bottom of the text so that you automatically pay closer attention to certain pieces of information while you are reading. 
  • The Problem-Solving Test measures your ability to solve problems narrated in short scenarios by using arithmetic operations. Usually, you will be told about people who either spend money on goods or receive money for services. Your task will be to calculate how much money the people would either pay or gain in specified circumstances. You will have only 10 minutes to solve 25 problems. 

The Administrative Test—Green Battery is complicated. It can be completed successfully only if you pay close attention to details and think and calculate quickly. The time allotted to each part of the test is so short that sometimes you will have less than a minute to answer a question. JobTestPrep’s practicing materials can significantly facilitate your preparation for SDG&E's pre-employment assessment and enhance your performance on the Administrative Test.

What Is an Administrative Position?

Administrative work includes a wide variety of positions. Generally speaking, administrative staff provide support to the company. This support takes different forms, from office management to answering phones, maintaining records, entering data, speaking with clients, or assisting managers and other members of the company. 

Although duties of different administrative workers have a lot in common, they differ according to their specific position. Thus, an administrative assistant and a secretary may be hired mainly to answer phones, organize files, prepare documents, and schedule appointments. Information clerks, in contrast, perform a different set of administrative tasks. They usually gather information for the company by searching databases, retrieving files, or maintaining records. Yet another set of duties is performed by material recording clerks. This administrative position involves ensuring proper shipment of items, tracking them, and maintaining inventory. Yet despite the diversity of administrative tasks, all administrative positions require logical reasoning, attention to details, and good problem-solving skills. The Administrative Test—Green Battery measures these cognitive abilities with precision. Purchase our Administrative Test PrepPack™ and achieve success on your SDG&E pre-employment assessment. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How many questions are there on the Administrative Test?

A: There are 78 questions in the test. They are unequally divided between the Reasoning Test (30 questions), the Reading Comprehension Test (23 questions), and the Problem-Solving Test (25 questions).

Q: What is the passing score for the exam?

A: Your success on the Administrative Test is evaluated by a percentile score. This score measures your performance relative to other test takers. Thus, if you receive 76% for your Administrative test, this does not mean that you have answered 76% of questions correctly. Your score rather means that you did better on the test than 76% of other job candidates.   

Q: How long do I have to wait to retake the Administrative Test, if I fail it?

A: The Administrative Test helps employers measure job candidates’ administrative skills. Every organization has its own examination rules determining how often you can retake the assessment. 

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