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What's Included

✓ Unlimited Match Rate Calculations

✓ Unlimited Keyword Comparisons

✓ Unlimited Scan History

✓ Resume Manager

✓ Resume Power Edit

✓ Premium ATS & Recruiter Findings

✓ Learning Center

✓ LinkedIn Optimization

✓ Cover Letter Optimization

✓ Jobs That You Match

✓ Predicted Skills

✓ ATS-Specific Tips

✓ ATS Revealed eBook
(10 pages with screenshots)

✓ 20 ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

✓ Premium Cover Letter Template


Back in the day, the initial, coarse sifting of candidates' resumes was done by HR employees, however, this is no longer the case. Rather, the introduction of ATS (applicant tracking systems) has enabled employers and recruiters to automatically check, and analyze resumes for every job.

resume match score


That is why customizing your resume for the job is now more important than ever.

Learn more about how ATS ranks your resume for the job.

To help you overcome this obstacle, JobTestPrep with the cooperation of offers you, a complete, one-month premium resume scanning service at 15% off.


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Take Your Resume to the Next Level

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resume scan How Does It Work?

  1. Paste the text of your job posting.
  2. Upload your resume.
  3. Get a tailored score for the match between your resume and the job.
  4. Edit, rewrite, improve.
  5. Got a match score you’re comfortable with? Send your resume and move onto the next job.

Give it a go for free:

Note: The free scan feature is available for up to 2 attempts.

free and premium Free vs. Premium Resume Scanning Service

Free scanning resume services does exist and are generally rather helpful as a start. However, they offer limited coverage with many issues involved with writing the perfect resume for the job.

So, when choosing between a free and premium service, consider the following:

★Competition is Fierce

Electronic application has created extreme competition for every open position. The enormous amount of resumes received by companies results in 75% of them never being read by a human.

If you apply for a popular/entry-level position, an impeccable resume becomes a must.


Nowadays, this is definitely the number one reason for using a resume scanning service. While free tools offer a limited aspect of ATS resume solutions (keyword analysis, skills analysis, formatting).

Besides, which ATS does that employer work with? Taleo? BrassRing? Greenhouse? And how do you make sure your resume suits this particular ATS? Leave that concern to us!

resume scan ats findings

JTP’s premium resume scanning service provides full coverage of every aspect of ATS resume-ranking, backed with years of expertise.

★Applying to Multiple Jobs

Looking for a job is a job in and of itself. Many job searchers send 10-15 resumes a week! Not only do free tools limit the number of resumes you can scan, but you also have to manually and continually edit them, rescan, edit, rescan....

Combining the unlimited resume scans with the premium tool of power edit will both save you time and make sure each resume you send is dead-on.


After making it through the ATS, you will still have a human recruiter look at your resume. Your resume should, therefore, be suitable for both electronic and human eyes.

resume scan recruiter findings

JTP’s premium resume scan features of ATS and Recruiter Findings will make sure your resume is ready for both stages of the screening process.

special features Special Features

The premium resume scan service contains several unique tools to help you construct the perfect resume:

★Power Edit

The Power Edit function allows you to edit and scan your resume online, tracking your progress as you work.

resume scan power edit

★Premium ATS and Recruiter Findings

Additional findings on your resume to maximize your match score (formatting, content checker, etc.)

resume scan premium findings

★Cover Letter Scanner

Whether required or not, a cover letter is a good way to impress both HR professionals and ATS. Use the advanced tools provided in the resume scan service to improve your cover letter match score as well.

cover letter scan

★LinkedIn Profile Optimizer

Recruiters scan LinkedIn not only to learn more about their candidates but also actively search for candidates. As such, optimizing your LinkedIn profile will not only increase your chances of getting the position you applied to but will also attract prospect employers TO YOU.



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