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General Administration Test (GAT-380)

The goal of Canada's GAT is to identify the candidates who are cognitively able to perform essential administrative tasks. In reality, those applicants who score at the top level of the General Administration Test are usually the individuals who are offered the available positions.

Exam preparation that includes GAT practice tests with question & answer analysis yields a review of the subject matter covered in the actual exam. The benefits of General Administration Test practice are far-reaching. Not only do you gain a helpful review of skills such as arithmetic, you also acquire a familiarity with the types of questions and overall test format that you will find in the actual exam.

Format of the GAT

The GAT-380 is formatted in multiple-choice. There are 65 questions in a single exam form without any sub-tests. Each question is followed by four alternatives. A score of 35/65 passes the test.

Including exam instructions and other administrative tasks, the total time frame allotted to GAT candidates is 2 hours, 45 minutes. The test itself is limited to 2:15.

General Administration Test Content

In highlighting basic administrative skills, the GAT assesses planning, problem-solving, recognizing appropriate written communication, decision-making and evaluating information. The GAT-380 is utilized in the hiring process for administrative jobs at the officer level. Managers also make use of the 380 in training programs and career transitions.

  • Mathematical reasoning is assessed at various questions through math word problems. The task in some of these questions involves the identification of the specific information that is needed in order to arrive at the answer to the underlying problem. Within this assessment, you will also encounter basic arithmetic calculation items and formula questions.
  • Reading comprehension takes the form of information presented in passages. Your job is to recall information, analyze, summarize and draw conclusions based solely upon the written information included in the passages.
  • Sequencing ability involves the skills of prioritizing and placing actions in logical order. Scenarios are presented. The task involves selecting the alternative that logically sequences actions so as to most effectively respond to the problems contained in the scenario.
  • Customer service skills are essential attributes in the effective performance of administrative work. You will be given a scenario and asked to identify the response that best addresses the problems inherent in the given scenario.

Preparing for the General Administration Test

As is the case with every exam, test preparation for Canada's GAT-380 is the key to exam success. General Administration Test practice will soon be accessible and affordable at JobTestPrep. We at JobTestPrep are working to provide all of the study tools that you need in order to do your best on the GAT.

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