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About JobTestPrep’s Bird & Bird Packs

Our PrepPacks™ were designed to simulate the Bird & Bird Watson Glaser assessments in order to familiarize you with its unique format and questions. Prior familiarization and practice will give you a definite edge over the other Bird & Bird candidates participating in the hiring process.


Get Ready for your Bird & Bird Watson GlaserTest

Getting the job with Bird & Bird all comes down to how you have decided to prepare. Our PrepPacks™ were designed to familiarize you with the Watson Glaser assessments most commonly used during the Bird & Bird hiring process. Gain access to our exclusive practice tests, study guides, and interview advice by signing up today!


Bird & Bird Interview Expectations

The initial Bird & Bird interview will usually start with you being asked to introduce yourself, while answering occurring questions. Afterwards, you will delve into the job responsibilities and your compatibility for the position – relevant job experience, courses of action you would take, possible challenges you foresee facing, and how you can contribute to Bird & Bird’s success. Lastly, you might be asked to state your salary expectations and when can you start. If you pass, there might be additional interviews ahead.

What Should I Expect on the Bird & Bird Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are usually timed. Their time limit is so short that you will have less than a minute to answer each answer. Only 1.5% of applicants can correctly answer questions within a set time limit. Aptitude tests are multiple-choice tests: you need to select one correct answer within several incorrect alternatives. Often, information will appear within graphs, tables, or logical statements. Your task is to analyze this data and then make relevant logical or mathematical conclusions from it.

Why Does Bird & Bird Use Verbal Assessments During Their Recruitment Process?

Companies often desire candidates who have effective communication skills – both written and verbal. Interviewers use verbal reasoning tests to assess how well an applicant uses verbal logic, as well as how accurately they are able to draw correct meanings from complex written information.

Which Traits Does the Situational Judgement Test Judge?

If you are a critical thinker and can make strong and accurate judgement calls, the Situational Judgement Test will give you the opportunity to prove yourself to your future employer. Moreover, the SJT assesses your behavioral traits, so the Bird & Bird hiring manager will know if you have the right temperament for both the office and the position in question. During the course of the test you will be asked to choose from single answer to multi-layer solutions to solve realistic office conflict scenarios in a multiple-choice format.

What Should I Take Away from the Interview?

Look at every interview as a unique learning opportunity. First, you may very well be asked back for a second or third interview, so use each interview to learn as much about the company and position as possible and try to discern if there is a specific style of questioning, so you can answer even better in the next round.

How Long Is the Bird & Bird Hiring Process?

The length of the hiring process is dependent upon the position you have applied for with the company. The general timeframe for the Bird & Bird recruitment process can be anywhere from a few weeks to several months. This process includes several interviews and assessment tests, most notably the Watson Glaser.


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