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How to Select the PrepPack™ That You Need

There are a number of different PrepPacks™ available from this page. In general, you can use the following guidelines to select the pack you need. You can get instant access from the table or you can select the product you need below:

Country Tests You Need
Australia Hogan Start Practising
Philippines Abstract, Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Start Practising
Hong Kong Abstract, Numerical & Verbal Reasoning Start Practising
Pakistan Numerical Reasoning Test Start Practising
All-Inclusive Preparation All the Above
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Please note that the all of our practice tests are in English


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About JobTestPrep’s Bank of China Packs

Going through the hiring process for Bank of China can make you feel somewhat exhausted. JobTestPrep’s practice tests, guides, and reports will help ease your mind and help you build the confidence you need to come out on top throughout the Bank of China’s recruiting procedure.

Bank of China PI LI Tests

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI Learning Indicator), formerly known as Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), is a 12-minute assessment includes 50 questions. PI LI assessment goal is to estimate your cognitive ability or your ability to learn and adapt in the company.

Bank of China Accounting Test

Many financial companies and banks require their candidates in several positions to take an accounting test. Such a test may contain the following topics: Accounting Terms, Accounting Problems, Comparing & Checking, Alphabetizing/Filing, Working with Letters and Numbers, Memorization, Coding, Inductive Reasoning, and Deductive Reasoning.


Online Preparation for the Bank of China Industry Test

JobTestPrep aims to guide you through every stage of your pre-employment assessment at the Bank of China. Hence, we have designed an exclusive PrepPack™ that contains tests closely approximating to the bank of China’s official tests and drills, with the help of which you will significantly improve your knowledge and skills. Study with our resources and show to your employers that you are the best candidate for your desired position.


Bank of China Hiring Process and Interview Tips

Bank of China hiring process and interview usually goes as follow: 

After applying online you'll be requested to take online assessment tests. After passing those you'll be contacted by Bank of China HR by phone. Finally, you'll be invited to a face to face interview onsite with Bank of China manager. Since the first level includes assessments tests, start practicing today Excel, Mathematical reasoning, English language test. Then, start preparing for the phone and face to face interview - to come prepared straight ahead after passing successfully the online tests. In the personal inteview you may be asked behavioral and personality questions, take our personality test to help you prepare for the interview.

Bank of China Interview Questions

Previous candidates were asked the following questions in the personal interview:

  • Please describe me your career path.
  • What do you know about the banking industry?
  • Have you ever approach a stranger?
  • Do you like to interact with people? 

Is Being Consistent Important on Personality Tests?

Being consistent is essential when taking a personality assessment test. As part of the personality test, you will be asked similar questions in different ways. Answering those questions in a different way can be interpreted as dishonesty, thus may heart your chances of getting the job. For example, answering "agree" to "I feel comfortable when a new person approach" and "I prefer to avoid meeting new people." At times during the test, you may encounter similar statements but not agree or disagree with all of them; in this case, it is fine to answer differently.

How Long does Bank of China Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process depends on the number of tests and interviews you have to fulfill. Although online assessments filter out a lot of candidates, they are usually still hundreds if not thousands of candidates left at the interviews level. We can make some generalizations though. Pre-employment assessment tests and automatic application screening in most cases take no more than a week. Afterwards, the company will come up with a list for the live interview. We can, therefore, say that the entire process can take up to six months.

What should I do to Prepare for my Interview with Bank of China?

Learn about Bank of China from the company site and other online information, such as LinkedIn, blogs, and press releases. Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in what the company does. Try to figure out what are the key competencies for you desired rule and think how you will present them in the interviews. Use our interview pack to help you facilitate you performance.


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