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What's Included

  • 30 abstract reasoning practice tests
  • 26 quantitative practice tests
  • 19 English skills practice tests
  • 15 reading comprehension practice tests
  • 14 logical reasoning practice tests



JobTestPrep will provide you with the resources to prepare for the online tests, interview, and presentation stages involved in the First Line Supervisor hiring process. Start preparing yourself now for the aptitude test and interview with JobTestPrep.

Ameren Energy FLS Test

The First Line Supervisor (FLS) Test is a multi-media test, used to help select people for first line supervisory positions. The test utilizes videos, sound recordings, emails, a sample employee handbook, and other sample materials to simulate situations commonly encountered by supervisors at Ameren.

During the test, you will be presented with a variety of situations, some of them in the form of a video or sound recording. You will then be asked how you might react to the situation or solve the problem it presents.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Get your practice tests that follow the content on the FLS test. Our practice pack provides explanations, score reports, and study guides. Start practicing today and increase your chances of landing the job you want.

Ameren Energy FLS Hiring Process

Ameren Energy's hiring process consists a few stages. After submitting your CV you will be required to complete and pass a skills test to be considered for an interview. Recruiters will send invitations by email to candidates selected to test. Using the information on the email invitation, register for and take the test. If you successfully pass all required skills tests, a recruiter will evaluate your submission for further advancement.

Ameren Energy Interview Process

If you manage to successfully pass the online tests, you will be invited to an Ameren Energy interview. This interview is conducted either face-to-face or by telephone depending on the job for which you have applied. It usually lasts about 45 minutes. Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the process, but preparation is key to helping you stay calm and focused. With the help of our Interview PrepPack™, you can ensure a stellar performance during your interview.

Ameren Energy Sample Questions

Here are questions you may encounter on Ameren Energy’s assessment test.

Ameren FLS Test

Ameren Energy FLS Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the First Line Supervisor (FLS) test last?

The FLS test lasts approximately 4 hours.

What are your testing policies?

If a candidate is Recommended on the FLS, they will be contacted by a recruiter about the next steps in the hiring process. A Recommended test result is considered valid for a job until the requirements or qualifications of the job change or the test requirements change. Your test results are valid as long as Ameren uses this test.

If I am Not Recommended can I retake the test?

All candidates who receive a Not Recommended test result are not eligible to retest for 90 days after the last unsuccessful test attempt. If candidates are Not Recommended on the second attempt, they are required to wait 18 months and demonstrate that they have pursued developmental activity (e.g., relevant education, experience, work assignments, or project roles) during the 18 months.


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