Our personality practice tests prepare you for all personality tests. Our test is comprised of four sections. The four sections of the test contain different types of questions: 

  • True/False
  • Agree/Disagree/Neither
  • Likert Scale (1 to 4, 1 to 7)
  • A statement followed by Least/Most 

There is a total of 219 questions. Both the test format and the scales on our practice test are similar to the most common personality tests on the market.  

Our study guide will help you prepare for any personality test, providing you tips and information on how to succeed as well as understand  how to read instructions.  

In addition, we also offer a unique complementary study guide that is profession-specific, meaning that if you are applying for a certain position, the guide can help you understand what traits are important for that position. We offer guides for the following professions: management, administrative, customer service, sales, technical, and many more. 

Practicing for a personality test will help you learn more about yourself and the traits you possess. In addition, preparing will reduce ahead of exam day. 

Our Personality Guide

Below is a sample of part of our personality guide, describing why certain traits are desired by a specific job. The guide will show you what the employer looks for when hiring, and help you understand how to present your true self through the test.

Personality Test Question

Below, see a sample question from our personality tests.

Our Personality Profile

Below is a sample personality assessment report. You can use this report to compare your results to the ideal results. This will allow you to see how you fit on the desired profile and where there are discrepancies. Since there are no right or wrong answers on personality tests, our personality score report doesn't give specific answers for questions, but only a general appraisal of your personality profile, as reflected by your answers. Personality tests tend to differ from on another so JobTestPrep provides a strategy and an understanding of how theses tests work, so you can get excellent scores on any personality test you take.

Practice for Pre-Employment Personality Tests

  • Specifically tailored to your needs.
  • Includes customized reports based on your answers and the position you are interested in.
  • Created by experienced industrial and organizational psychologists, statisticians, and IT experts.
  • Professional personality test that covers 50 traits, offering a complete inventory of personality traits. 

What's Included

  • Professional personality practice test
  • Analysis of 50 traits that employers look for
  • Reveals what employers are looking for in candidates
  • Personalized feedback - customized to your job level
  • Know what to expect on test day
  • Bonus: The complete guide to personality tests
  • Secured payment 
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep

Please use a desktop computer when using this pack, as the personality practice test is not fully supported on mobile devices.

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