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Prepare for eClerx with JobTestPrep

Since 1992, JobTestPrep has been constructing and perfecting an extensive variety of employment tests similar to those being administered by companies, big to small. At the same time, we encourage our customers to take advantage of our interview preparation pack, and learn how to manage their weaknesses and strengths throughout the session. Having led thousands of hopefuls towards success at employment tests and interviews, we know we’re doing something right– start helping yourself today!


Excel At Your eClerx Assessment Tests With JobTestPrep!

Succeeding on the pre-employment tests is challenging. Questions and tasks given on these tests are becoming more and more difficult. It is, hence, crucial for your success to come to your pre-employment assessment fully prepared. Arm yourself with JobTestPrep’s exclusive practice materials and become shortlisted for a face-to-face interview.


eClerx Interview Process

eClerx Interviews will at times be conducted by a single interviewer or panel, depending on the position and seniority of the position you have applied for. Prepping for these interviews, including the sit down with HR, requires a great deal of thought and negotiating skills. Remember, you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Come to the interview fully prepared to answer a wide range of questions and prove that you have what it takes to excel in the position and grow with the company.

How Are the eClerx Verbal Assessments Evaluated?

Verbal reasoning assessments are not calculated based on the number of correct answers you have made; results are evaluated by comparing your raw score to those of other applicants. This culmination of scores is then compared to the benchmark score which has either been provided by the testing company, or has been created based on the scores of other applicants who took the assessment previously. This process allows employers to select the candidate whose profile matches their particular set of standards.

What Does the eClerx Personality Assessment Measure?

This assessment is used to measure certain job-specific personality traits sought after by eClerx. It should be noted that although there are technically no right or wrong answers in a personality assessment, certain responses can negatively impact your overall workplace personality profile. If, in the end, your profile happens to be a match for the position being offered, you are more likely to be offered the job.

What Is an SJT?

eClerx's employ Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) in order to better asses how you will stand up and deal with a wide range of office scenarios. You behavioral and cognitive abilities will shine through via hypothetical, yet realistic workplace scenarios providing your future employer with the necessary data to judge your performance ability.

What Question are Asked During Phone Interview?

During this initial interview, the company just wants to know what your background and basic skills sets are. They will ask you about education, educational courses, your resume, career goals and of course if your skills match the position on paper. They will also mention compensation and benefit packages.

What Purpose Do the eClerx Tests Serve?

A hiring manager is less interested in resumes and a good Interview and more interested in you proving your skill sets. Anyone can stretch the truth on their resume or in a well-rehearsed interview, but you cannot bluff your way through creating a complex excel file or completing a mathematical equation, you either can do or not. In short, come prepared to your test day by taking advantage of JobTestPrep’s comprehensive resources, which will help you put a strong foot forward in impressing eClerx’s hiring managers.


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