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Bank of America assessment tests are made up of multiple choice tests that should take you 45 minutes to an hour. The two most popular Bank of America assessment tests are the Bank of America Bank Teller Exam and the Bank of America Personal Banker test. The subjects focused on by the two Bank of America assessment tests are:

  • Reading Comprehension - Working at Bank of America, or any other bank, requires a lot of reading comprehension. It is up to you to know the policies and regulations’ regarding various subjects and the only way for B of A to know that you will be a good banker is to test you on the subject before the interview.
  • Mathematics - Math questions, be it basic math or math word problems, are the basis of the financial institutions. Bank of America’s numerical test would like to assess whether you have the basic knowledge, as well as slightly more advanced know-how, to help customers with their finances. One wrong zero or decimal point can make a big difference in people’s lives.
  • Situational Judgment - Clients may react differently when dealing with their finances. Therefore it is important for Bank of America to know that they can trust your judgment in different circumstances. Bank of America's only way of testing this is through situational judgment questions.
  • Personality - If you’d like to start a career at Bank of America then it is essential that you have the right personality for the company culture. Working at a bank can be both fast paced and slow. You need to have the right personality for this, which is tested through the personality questions.

Bank of America Hiring Process

The Bank of America application process is not a very difficult one. You start by searching on the Bank of America official career section for the position you desire. Afterwards you fill out their application form, which includes your resume. When you are close to finishing this part of the Bank of America hiring process you may come across the Bank of America online assessment test. You might also be reached first through the phone, and then be emailed the Bank of America assessment test.

Prepare for the Bank of America Assessment

Bank of America is one of the most popular banking institutions in the United States. Therefore every position may have many candidates. In order to get ahead of the pack, don’t just pass the Bank of America pre-employment test, excel at it. Furthermore, it is possible that your scores are kept for consideration in future promotions. JobTestPrep will supply you with Bank of America practice tests and detailed explanations in order to help you succeed.

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