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What's Included

  • 2018 updated edition
  • Two full-length Bennett–style practice tests
  • Two full-length Bennett–style II practice tests
  • Our Mechanical Concepts Study Guide: gears, levers, pulleys & more
  • Electrical concepts: circuits, sequences, and signal flow
  • 9 full-length Wonderlic-style tests
  • Including five 50-question and four 30-question practice tests
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide - 56 pages of tips on how to quickly solve each type of questions
  • Explanations, solving tips, and a score report for all questions
  • Secure payment


In today's economy, it's not easy to find a new job. The hiring process is lengthy, and you must pass standardized tests to even be considered for a position. For technical, mechanical, and engineering jobs, you must demonstrate your knowledge of mechanical principles by passing an assessment. Gain a competitive edge over other applicants by practicing in advance for the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test and the Wonderlic Personnel Test, and get hired at Smurfit Kappa.

What is the Hiring Process at Smurfit Kappa?

Smurfit Kappa hires workers for positions in the skilled trades, as well as students, graduates, and professionals. No matter what your career goals, the hiring process is as follows:

  1. Submit an online application. Employers screen applications for relevant skills and experience. 
  2. Be invited to a phone interview.
  3. Complete the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test. This is an aptitude test which measures your knowledge of mechanical concepts.
  4. Take a tour and complete an onsite interview.

What does JobTestPrep's Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test PrepPack include?

  • mechanical aptitude topics seen on both the BMCT & BMCT II
  • real-time simulation mode (to reflect similar test conditions)
  • step-by-step mode for learning
  • study guide containing information, sample questions, and solutions on mechanical and electrical reasoning

What is the Interview Process at Smurfit Kappa?

The application process has several steps. You will have a phone interview, followed by an onsite interview. Prior to your interviews, be sure to study the company profile and history, as well as to prepare answers to common interview questions. You will be asked about your experience and goals, as well as competency-based questions. Preparation is important all steps of the hiring process. 

What Positions Does Smurfit Kappa Hire For?

Jobs at Smurfit Kappa
Engineering positions Automotive mechanic

Equipment operator

Transportation trades

Auto and aircraft mechanic

Industrial/technical sales representative


Skilled tradesperson (welder, electrician, carpenter)

Mechanical trades

Why Should I Prepare for the Hiring Process at Smurfit Kappa?

You must pass the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test to even be considered for a position at Smurfit Kappa. Practice is key to understanding the main concepts and becoming familiar with the structure of this aptitude test. Don't leave it up to chance— prepare today and boost your chances of getting hired. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Smurfit Kappa operate?

Smurfit Kappa has approximately 370 production sites across 34 countries. In the United States, Smurfit Kappa operates in the Southwest, and its headquarters are in Sunrise, Florida.  
How long does the hiring process take?

Smurfit Kappa has a streamlined hiring process, and it usually takes no more than a few weeks from start to finish.

What benefits does Smurfit Kappa offer to its employees?
  • Friendly work environment
  • Excellent medical insurance
  • Good retirement plan
  • Competitive pay
  • Focus on work-life balance
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