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Who Uses Accounting Tests?

To hire the most qualified candidate, most companies use accounts receivable, accounts payable, or bookkeeping tests as an important part of the recruitment process. The format of these tests, as well as the style of the questions, is unlike most exams you may have taken in the past. Many qualified candidates have been left stranded at this point in the hiring process due to unexpectedly low test results. Therefore, it's imperative that you prepare.

Accounting tests are used by many companies to assess applicants' accounting skills. While many financial and accounting firms utilize these tests, they areprimarily used by agencies or assessment companies (such as Robert Half, AppleOne, Randstad, Kforce, and Aerotek).


Accounting Test Information

Accounting and bookkeeping tests are usually comprised of around 40 multiple-choice questions that focus on job-specific requirements and responsibilities. The difficultly level of these assessments varies depending on both the specific job and the job level.

Accounting Test Topics

Each position utilizes its own assessment test based on the responsibilities that position will entail. Still, various accounting tests can have many overlaps. Here are some of the topics covered by our Accounting Bundle Pack:

Journal Entry Cash Flow Dividends Account Balancing
Documentation Analysis Inventory Account Types
Ratios Credit Terms Provisions Presentation

Relevant Accounting Positions

These are most common positions candidates are tested for:

Accounts Payable Clerk – An accounts payable clerk is responsible for paying the bills of a business enterprise. In addition to maintaining all payments, transactions, and records, he or she is responsible for compiling debt invoices owed by various companies, vendors, or suppliers.

Accounts Receivable Clerk – An accounts receivable clerk is responsible for tracking all payments made to a company. He or she ensures that the payments and transactions made for goods and services are properly recorded. The duties and responsibilities of this position often include interaction with clients regarding past and due bills, ensuring that payments are posted accurately, updating files, and verifying data.

Bookkeeper – Bookkeepers are in charge of receiving and recording all of the cash, checks, and voucher transactions that take place in a company. They use software, spreadsheets, and online databases. They are in charge of inputting debit and credit card information into the appropriate accounts.

JobTestPrep offers the Accounting Bundle Pack™, which includes accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and general accounting tests.

Sample Accounting Questions

Try our free sample accounting questions, or get the full Accounting Bundle Pack™ and start preparing today.

Kenexa Prove It Accounting Test

Many employers administer their own general aptitude tests to measure your general aptitude level for accounting-related positions. These tests are usually employer specific, but there are also some branded tests that are preferred by certain firms. The most popular test is the Kenexa Prove It Accounting Test. Click here to read more about the accounting tests Kenexa Prove It offers.

Civil Service Accounting Exam

The Civil Service Accounting Exam is a professional exam offered to candidates interested in government employment. The exam is characterized by a combination of aptitude and professional knowledge tests. Only those who pass the exam are eligible for state and local government positions, as well as for federal accounting jobs. Preparation is not just a matter of interviewing; it’s a matter of being able to apply. Click here to read more about civil service accounting positions and tests.

Accounting Interview Questions

Whether in person, over the phone, or through video, you can be sure that an accounting interview will be extensive. So, to help you prepare, JobTestPrep has provided you with some general accounting interview questions.

  • How do you avoid errors in your work?
  • What have you done to reduce company costs?
  • How do you evaluate financial risks?
  • If you were to continually catch a coworker's errors and mistakes, how would you handle the situation?
  • What software are you familiar with?

Accounting Test Preparation

The JobTestPrep's Accounting PrepPacks™ are relevant only to the USA companies and contain:

  • Online interactive questions. No downloads, no ebooks, no headaches.
  • Clear answers and explanations for each question.
  • At least 160 sample test questions.
  • Helpful customer service.

Prepare for your accounting test with JobTestPrep's PrepPacks™ to ensure you’re at the top of the candidates list.

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