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What's Included

2 interview guides; interview video tutorial; interview preparation; 12 figural reasoning tests; 5 math drills; 4 inductive reasoning drills; a full personality test; 2 personality guides; a predictive index; preparation guide; 5 PI-LI tests; PI-LI study guide; 8 spatial reasoning tests; 4 back-to-basics study guides; 1 recognition of assumptions study guide; 2 antonyms tests; 2 averages video tutorials.


JobTestPrep aims to help job applicants get hired as finance controllers at IKEA. We have thoroughly studied IKEA’s hiring process and designed an inclusive PrepPack™ that contains all needed materials to bring about your employment at IKEA. Our PLI test will help you sharpen some of your cognitive abilities—reasoning, analyzing, implementing complex data, and decision-making—that will highlight your professional aptitude for the role of the finance controller.


Prepare With JobTestPrep

Purchase JobTestPrep's exclusive practicing materials and turn your pre-employment assessment at IKEA into an unqualified success. Having practiced with our PrepPack™, you will show to IKEA's employers that you will be indispensable for the company's financial blossoming.


JobTestPrep’s simulations of the IKEA PI test and drills are created to help you build an appealing personality profile. Practicing with our PI test, you will learn how to emphasize your leadership and business tendencies and match them with situations which play to your strengths.   

JobTestPrep’s answer keys and study guides will allow you to track your progress while you are practicing. You will be able to identify your weaknesses, redouble your efforts to eliminate them, and then come to IKEA’s pre-employment assessment with full knowledge of the material, passing the tests with no trouble.

Knowing that a favorable impression created in interviews inspires recruiters to make a hiring decision in a candidate’s favor, we have also compiled a list of questions asked at IKEA’s interviews so that you can craft impressive answers to them beforehand. Prepared by us, you will easily prove to IKEA’s employers that you will help them make smart financial decisions that will move their business forward.

IKEA's Interview Questions for the Financial Controller's Position 

IKEA’s hiring process has many stages. Apart from taking two tests, you will also be invited to two interviews. The first one is a phone interview with the company’s manager from the Human Resources department. This interview will center around your education, work history, and career goals.

If you do well on the PLI and PI tests, you will have another interview with your prospective managers in one of IKEA’s locations. Your interviewers will talk with you about your professional aptitude for the position of the financial controller and will ask you some specific questions meant to ascertain your mastery of the financial field. Some of the questions posed in IKEA interviews to candidates for the financial controller positions are the following: 

  • What is the amount of revenue generated by IKEA?
  • Recall a time you had to persuade an executive team to make an important financial decision.
  • Why do you want a job as a financial controller?
  • If you were to start working with IKEA tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would look at to identify how it might be able to increase its revenue or profitability?
  • What are the most important factors to consider in budget development?
  • How have you reduced expenses at your previous workplace?
  • How have you increased revenues in previous companies for which you worked?
  • What kind of accounting/financial reporting software are you familiar with?
  • What is your view on cloud accounting and the benefits it provides to business owners?
  • Based on what you know about IKEA, what do you consider to be our major challenge? 

Think about the questions listed above and formulate clear and smart answers to them. If you come to the in-person interview equipped with sophisticated answers, you will favorably impress your interviewers. Do not forget also to check IKEA’s website and read about its mission and business plans. Deep understanding of IKEA’s business and financial affairs will surely place you at the top of the recruiters’ list.    

What Is the Financial Controller?

The financial controller is usually ahead of the Accounting Department. Its major duty is to oversee the preparation of financial reports, namely balance sheets and income statements. These financial reports are usually sent to the company’s chief financial officer. Apart from preparing financial reports, financial controllers also issue compliance audits, monitor internal controls, help with the budgeting process, and analyze various financial data. They also regulate corporate funds and accounts, forecast the development of control policies and procedures. The financial controller may also evaluate and select the technology used in the financial department. 

As a rule, financial controllers have master degrees in accounting or business administration and, therefore, feel very comfortable with numbers. Yet they also need to have excellent leadership and negotiation skills, because they often need to transmit financial information to the management and marketing teams. The financial controller’s salaries range from $78,736 to $150,017 per year. 

How do JobTestPrep’s practice materials differ from tutoring materials offered on the internet?  

JobTestPrep conducts exhaustive research of tests required by a company as a part of its pre-employment assessment and then carefully develops tests that closely approximate the company’s tests. As a result, real tests during a hiring process do not look unfamiliar and puzzling to those who have practiced with our simulations tests. We also include numerous drills, answer keys, and detailed study guides in our packs. You thus can not only improve your results with our practice materials but also track your progress while you are studying. Tracking your progress at every stage of your preparation allows you to identify your weak points and decide to what questions to devote more attention, thereby ensuring that your weaknesses have been eliminated before you take the company’s exam. 

Our resources also usually contain descriptions of the company’s interview procedures and lists interview questions actually asked by its recruiters. We thus help you not only pass your pre-employment tests with success but also create a favorable impression in interviews. 

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