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What Are Pre-Employment Personality Tests?

A pre-employment personality test is a questionnaire designed to show the various aspects of a person's character, specifically focused on the personality traits that will affect his or her suitability as an employee. The majority of personality tests used nowadays are based on the big five personality traits model, measuring: Openness, Conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

Large-scale companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, General Motors, as well as Airlines, banks, and health-care enterprises often use personality tests for hiring, possibly with interview managers taking questions from the test and inserting them into the interview stage of the hiring process. 

In any personality assessment, there are some characteristics that are seen as desirable and some that are seen as undesirable. 

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What Type of Personality Tests do Jobs Use?

Click the links below for targeted practice for some of the most popular personality assessments: 

Sample Personality Test Questions

The following question is a sample question you'll likely see in some variation on your Personality Assessment:

personality sample question

How to Answer Personality Questions? 

The question above measures your level of assertiveness. Based on your answer here and on similar items that measure assertiveness, you'll receive a score indicating If you are within the desired range for the job. Eventually, the personality test results would show your behavioral tendencies related to numerous traits. To be found as a great fit, you should practice answering within your job's ideal range for that evaluated trait.

For example, when applying for a management position, employers expect a relatively high level of assertiveness. Choosing the disagree/agree rating would show that you have what it takes to lead and manage. However, answering agree/strongly agree would indicate that you do not easily express your opinions and desires and prefer to let others manage the course of affairs.

Try Our Free Personality Test 

JobTestPrep's free personality assessment test provides a unique experience for you. To get a taste of what our full personality preparation pack can offer, click on "Start Free Personality test" and you will gain access to 23 free pre-employment personality test sample questions. These questions will help you to familiarize yourself with the content and format of popular personality tests in the job market.

Free Personalized Report

Upon completing the test, you will receive your own personalized personality profile. This profile describes how your answers reflect on your work personality for five of the different personality scales we describe in our complete pack. This report is designed to help you determine if your personality profile matches the desired work profile.

On our full Personality Test Pack, you'll get a PDF personality test theory guide introducing essential tips on how to pass job personality tests. 

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How Do You Pass a Pre-Employment Personality Test?

Via personality pre-employment tests, employers are seeking to view your work persona in regard to specific traits. Even though you cannot fail a personality test, if your work persona is substantially different from the required job profile you'll be more likely not to pass to the next stage of the hiring process. 

To succeed on the personality test, you should know which are the required characteristics your employer expects you to demonstrate, depending on the job you are applying for, and how to answer in a way that shows that and is still credible. Our personality preparation pack is designed exactly for that: 

  1. Take a full personality test on our Preparation Pack and get detailed feedback written by experienced psychologists. The feedback you receive reveals your score on each trait in regard to what your employer expects for your selected position (for example management, sales, customer service, etc.) and what it means in terms of work behaviors. 
  2. Get practical tools and tips on how to adjust specific answers to better fit the requirements of the role, using a comprehensive personality study guide. 
  3. Practice personality tests targeted at evaluating the specific trait you are attempting to adjust. You can do that by taking single-trait personality practice tests designed just for that. 

Our free personality test will give you a feel of what personality questions are like. In our full Preparation, the personality practice test includes over 200 questions to generate the most accurate feedback. You'll also be able to see lists of items that assess each of the traits on the full score report. So, you'll learn over the practice to identify what the question you're facing examines and how to best answer it.


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