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Breaking down the hiring process at World Fuel Services

Before starting any hiring process there is so much to contemplate and get ready for.

What is the World Fuel Services Corporation Recruitment Process Like?

The hiring process can look different depending on which position you are vying for. Once you have submitted your resume and your documentation has been screened, you will most likely receive a telephone call in order to set up a time to come in for an interview. Bear in mind aptitude tests usually play an important part of the pre-interview screening process and can carry a lot of weight in determining if you will move on to the next stage of the process. At the end of the day, companies care first and foremost about your skills and abilities and it is important that you be at the top of your game even before applying for the position.

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Pre-Hire Tests and Interviews

Many applicants have questions before their pre-hire tests and interviews. Well, we have got answers.

What Is a Panel Interview?

A panel interview involves several interviewers. As a rule, if you are called for the panel interview, you will have an opportunity to talk to 5 or 6 representatives of the World Fuel Services Corporation. Your interviewers may be Human Resources representatives, several of your prospective managers, and team leaders. They will take turns to ask you competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions.

What type of Positions Require Numerical Reasoning Tests?

Many companies use different types of the Numerical Tests during the application process. Accountancy and Professional Services, Consulting, Investment Banks, and other large and small companies ask their prospective employees to take the Numerical Test before making a hiring decision. If you are competing for managerial positions or if your role requires a high level of numeracy, expect to take the Numerical Reasoning Test.What Does the SJT Prove?

The test proves that you can clearly communicate and more importantly mediate between colleges and find unique solutions to both every day and more complicated issues in the office and company at large. If you can cope with the pressure, your future employer will know by the end of the test.


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