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About WorkKeys Performance Assessment

The WorkKeys Performance Assessment is an online pre-screening integrity test. The Performance Assessment measures general work performance such as prevalence of theft, absenteeism, and resilience to work-related stress. It also screens for unsafe work behaviors such as working under the influence of alcohol/drugs, outbursts of physical or verbal aggression, and risky behavior that may lead to work-related accidents. The test can be administered to all applicants as part of the preselection and hiring process.

Performance Assessment Test Content

The Performance Assessment test consists of 55 items. You will have 10-15 minutes to complete the exam. You will be given statements which you will have to rate from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The test has two kinds of scales: General Work Attitudes and Risk Reduction. The General Work Attitudes scale contains content that has been shown to predict counterproductive work behaviors, task and job performance, and organizational behaviors. The Risk Reduction scale contains items that focus on avoidance of work-related accidents and unnecessary risk taking in a work environment. 

Performance Assessment Test Preparation

We prepare you for the exam with test content and format so that you become familiar with the test. We are currently working on a practice pack for the performance test, so that you can successfully pass the exam.

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