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What's Included

  • 9 full-length Wonderlic-style tests
  • Diagnostic test - learn your strengths and improve your weaknesses
  • Including five 50-question and four 30-question practice tests
  • A complete Wonderlic study guide - 56 pages of tips on how to quickly solve each type of questions
  • Extra practice drills in logical reasoning, language competences, number series, and graph reasoning and patterns
  • Including all question types seen on the real test
  • Fully detailed score reports & explanations
  • Secured payment
  • Immediate online access
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep


JobTestPrep offers online preparation resources both for the Wonderlic SLE Test and the Wonderlic SLE Pretest, which include practice tests, thorough answer explanations, detailed score reports, study guides, and solving tips. Start practicing today to boost your score and ensure your success.

The Wonderlic SLE Test is used by various academic institutions for admission and placement purposes.

There are two distinct Wonderlic assessments that are utilized in the qualifying and enrollment process:

  • The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE), a cognitive ability test, is used for on-site admission of students seeking entrance into an educational program. It consists of 50 questions that need to be answered within 12 minutes.
  • The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam–Quicktest, also known as the Wonderlic SLE pretest, is used as a remote pre qualification for institutes to identify students who are likely to succeed in an online learning environment. It consists of 30 questions that need to be answered within 8 minutes.

Both the Wonderlic Quicktest and the SLE assess how quickly and thoroughly students can understand instructions, learn new material, and cope with the difficulty of school.

Wonderlic SLE Format and Content

The Wonderlic SLE test consists of different question types used to assess a student’s cognitive abilities. Some question types that are on the test are as follows:

Word comparisons

Dates & times


Simple math

Rotational series


Folding boxes

Number comparisons

Sentence forming


It is important to note that the Wonderlic SLE begins with the easier questions and increases in difficulty as the test progresses.

The Wonderlic SLE is a proctored exam that consists of 50 questions which are to be completed the 12-minute time limit.

Can You Use a Calculator on the Wonderlic Test?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to use calculators on the Wonderlic Test. This is because the test is primarily for assessing what you already know and because of the short time limit.

Who Uses the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam?

The Wonderlic SLE test is utilized by a plethora of institutions for admission and placement purposes as it increases student retention, graduation, and job placement rates. Additionally, the SLE test is geared towards maximizing accreditation requirements, reducing loan defaults, and supporting a high-quality education.
For example, nursing programs and police forces both may require candidates to take the Wonderlic SLE for their respective programs.

Below is a list of some of the colleges, institutes, and programs that utilize Wonderlic tests in their admissions or placement process. 

Concorde Career College Platt College Carrington College Hult International Business School
Keiser University Remington College Fortis College American Career College
Pima Medical Institute CBD College Unitek College San Joaquin Valley College
Brightwood College Gurnick Academy West Coast Ultrasound Institute Brookline College
Herzing University The King's College Porter and Chester St. Paul's School of Nursing

Wonderlic SLE Scores

Your Wonderlic SLE score is calculated by the number of correct answers given in the allotted time. Furthermore, all questions on the test have the same point value regardless of their placement on the test or their difficulty.

Every academic institution requires different minimum SLE scores; therefore, it is vital that you try to find out what scores are required by the institution to which you are applying.

JobTestPrep will help you prepare for the Wonderlic SLE test and boost your score with our practice tests, study guides, and solving strategies.

Wonderlic SLE Sample Questions

Get a glimpse of the Wonderlic SLE question types with our sample questions.

Question 1: Antonyms Sample Question

SCRUPULOUS is the opposite of

  • Rigorous
  • Punctual
  • Negligent
  • Conscientious
  • Meticulous

Answer: C

Answer Explanation: Scrupulous is a word used to describe someone who is punctual and precise, while negligent is a word used to describe someone who is lazily careless.

Question 2: General Knowledge Sample Question

Which one has the longest diameter?

  • The sun
  • The moon
  • Earth
  • Venus
  • A basketball

Answer: A

Answer Explanation: The sun has a diameter over than 100 times larger than earth, which has a diameter larger than the all the other answers.

Question 3: Math Word Problem Sample Question

If 5 cookies cost $0.30, how much do 30 cookies cost?

  • $1.50
  • $1.80
  • $2.80
  • $5.30
  • $30.00
  • None of the above

Answer: B

Answer Explanation: 30 is 6 times more than 5, so multiply the cost by 6, (0.3*6=1.80).


For additional Wonderlic sample questions, access our Wonderlic sample test PDF.

Prepare for the Wonderlic SLE Exam

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) with our comprehensive preparation pack. It includes test information, practice tests, a study guide, detailed answer explanations, efficient score reports, and test tips. These practice materials will not only help you earn a better score on the test but will also help ensure your overall success. Start practicing today! 

Wonderlic and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep.

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