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About JobTestPrep’s Wolters Kluwer Kenexa-Style Packs

Getting through the Wolters Kluwer hiring process is harder than in the past due to increased reliance on Kenexa testing, among others. Our PrepPack™ has been specially designed to walk you through everything you need to know to outscore your competitors.


Start Prepping for Your Wolters Kluwer Kenexa Tests without Delay and Pass with Ease

Go into your Wolters Kluwer Kenexa-style assessments with confidence using JobTestPrep’s highly comprehensive PrepPacks. Excel throughout every stage of the Wolters Kluwer recruitment process by signing up today!


Wolters Kluwer’s Interview Stage

Preparation is key to having a successful series of interviews with Wolters Kluwer. The first type of interview you will likely need to go through with Wolters Kluwer is the phone interview. This type of interview generally lasts from 10-30 minutes and includes questions regarding your availability, salary expectations, and work history.

If the initial phone interview is successful, you will be invited by Wolters Kluwer to participate in one or more face-to-face interviews. The face-to-face interviews are either heldone-on-one with a member of the management team, or in a group/panel with a mix of managers, HR representatives, and potential co-workers.


Who Uses the Numerical Reasoning Test?

Many companies use different types of the Numerical Tests during the application process. Accountancy and Professional Services, Consulting, Investment Banks, and other large and small companies ask their prospective employees to take the Numerical Test before making a hiring decision. If you are competing for managerial positions or if your role requires a high level of numeracy, expect to take the Numerical Reasoning Test.

How Can I Improve My Numerical Reasoning Test Scores?

Often times the Wolters Kluwer numerical assessments will cover concepts and material you may not have used for many years. Even if you are feeling confident in taking your Wolters Kluwer numerical assessments, it is advisable for you to practice in order to improve on your analytical and numerical comprehension skills prior to taking the test.

Can I Use the Calculator on the Numerical Test?

As a rule, calculators are not permitted on the Numerical Tests, because they evaluate precisely how well you can calculate and analyze numerical data without calculating devices. On all Numerical Tests, however, you can use a rough sheet of paper and a pencil to make your calculations.

What to Avoid at the Face-To-Face Interview?

When you arrive to the face-to-face interview, do your best to be punctual. You do not want to keep interviewers waiting for you and, in so doing, antagonize them, even before you start answering questions. You may also need to have few minutes before the interview to collect your thoughts. Always remember the names of your interviewers. When you are called for the second round of the interview process, you will score more points, if you remember names of the people who interviewed you before. During the interview, try to stay cool under all provocations. Interviewers may challenge your answers only to see how you behave under pressure. You will strengthen a good impression you are making on the recruiters, if you avoid being confrontational in response to their attack. Do not lie. You may do yourself a huge disservice, if you tell tall tales on the interview. Instead of benefitting you, lies may cost you a job offer.

How Can I Best Prepare for the Wolters Kluwer Kenexa?

When choosing JobTestPrep to aid you in your Wolters Kluwer interview process you will gain exclusive access to high end practice tests, score reports, study guides, which will provide you with everything you need to excel on your tests

How Seriously Will Wolters Kluwer Review My Kenexa Test?

The Kenexa Tests are being weighed heavier as part of grading applicants for the simple reason that Wolters Kluwer wants to understand your true skill sets, abilities and attitudes before onboarding you.


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