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Wisconsin Office Support Exam

The Office Support Exam measures each of these abilities through five main test topics:

  • Reading Comprehension – passage followed by questions involving a reiteration of information, analysis or conclusions drawn exclusively from the passage
  • Observation and Memory – viewing a picture for two minutes, then answering questions concerning the details in the picture
  • Language Usage, Spelling and Grammar – sentences to be completed with grammatically-correct words or phrases; identifying errors in usage, spelling, punctuation or grammar
  • Mathematics – basic arithmetic; percentages; decimals; rounding off to the nearest hundredth or tenth; word problems
  • Charts, Tables and Graphs – reading, interpreting and applying the information contained in graphs and charts

The Office Support Exam contains a multiple-choice, Paper & Pencil format. There are no trick questions and no penalties for wrong answers. Therefore be sure to answer every question, guess if necessary. The task is to select the best answer to each item on the Exam.

Keep track of time, as there is a time limit. Read the entire directions, passages, questions and alternatives. Listen carefully to the instructions. Make sure that the Answer Sheet number you are about to mark, matches the question number you are answering.

In addition to the above five subjects, for positions that entail a substantial amount of writing an Essay Examination is required. You will be presented with job-related, open-ended questions, and asked to draft a written response. A structured and recorded Oral Examination that is not part of the interview process, is used for positions that require significant verbal communication.

Wisconsin Office Support Exam Scoring Threshold

Out of a possible score of 100, 70 will place you on the employee register of the application job title. The names on the register are ranked according to test results, from highest to lowest.

Candidates whose exam result falls within the top portion of the list are tapped for an interview. The number of applicants selected is determined by the hiring agency. As is true for any exam, a thorough test preparation can optimize your score.

In order to apply for Current Office Support Vacancies, a passing active exam score is necessary.

State Job Titles Requiring Office Support Exams

Applicants for at least 19 positions are scheduled to take an Office Support Exam. Job eligibility depends entirely on the successful completion of this test. State job titles that involve the Office Support Exam include:

  • University Services Associate 1 & 2
  • Office Associate
  • University Services Program Associate
  • Academic Department Associate
  • Offender Records Assistant 1
  • Secretary
  • Program Assistant
  • Visitor Service Associate
  • Document Production Assistant
  • Office Operations Associate
  • Operations Program Associate
  • Tax Representatives

The Exam is administered monthly at State Civil Service exam Centers. State office support employees generally recommend that candidates apply for all of the positions for which they are qualified. After a six-month probationary period on the job, employees are able to apply for any state opening that is a better fit with their employment goals.

Prepare for JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep has established a thorough Civil Service Office Support Exam preparation pack that provides practice tests, question and answer analysis, Wisconsin Office Support exam study guide and helpful test strategies. Your successful exam experience is the primary focus at JobTestPrep.

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