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What's Included

  • 19 Mathematical tests and drills
  • 3 Tables and graphs tests
  • Excel tutorial and practice test
  • SJT tests and a study guide
  • Personality test and guides
  • Interview preparation


The Wells Fargo Personal Banker preparation pack includes a variety of mathematical subjects, situational judgement tests, personality and interview preparations. Our pack also provides a simulation specifically tailored for personal bankers. JobtestPrep’s preparation pack includes mathematical tests and drills, tables and graphs practices tests, and an Excel tutorial and practice test.

Wells Fargo Personal Banker Test

The Wells Fargo Personal Banker Assessment Tests include a variety of assessment tests, including:

Numerical – This test evaluates your ability to grasp mathematical concepts, ranging from basic math questions to slightly more advanced topics such as statistics and percentages. Customers and clients will expect personal bankers to have near-perfect math skills when dealing with their finances.

Verbal – This test include reading comprehension tests that evaluate candidate’s ability to understand and explain complex banking policies. This is an essential skill needed in customer acquisition and retention as a personal banker.

Interview – Interviews may be conducted over the phone or face-to-face. Many of the interview questions are behavioral questions meant to evaluate how applicants will respond in various situations, as well as how they react to stressful situations. The interviewer will also ask personal and technical interview questions.

Case Study – Also known as a situational judgement exercise. A case study may include questions such as: How would you deal with an angry customer?

Prepare for the Wells Fargo Personal Banker Test

As the Personal Banker exam is an extensive and comprehensive assessment, it's important to prepare for it to ensure that you do well. Luckily, JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ include practice tests and drills, test information and detailed answer explanations, study guides, user-friendly score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure your success!

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