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What's Included

  • 23 Mathematical tests and drills
  • 15 Tables and graphs tests
  • 13 Case study practice tests and guides
  • 2 Office tutorials and practice tests for Excel and Word
  • SJT tests and a study guide
  • Personality test and guides
  • Interview preparation


The Wells Fargo Manager Preparation Pack includes a variety of mathematical subjects, SJT’s, personality and interview preparations. JobtestPrep’s preparation pack includes mathematical tests and drills, tables and graphs practices tests, and an Excel tutorial and practice test.

The preparation pack also includes practice SJT’s along with study guides, a personality test along with personality study guides, and interview guides including an interview video tutorial. All practice tests and study guides are designed to give applicants an advantage by being as prepared as possible during the hiring and interview process.

Wells Fargo Manager Assessment Tests

The Wells Fargo Manager tests include a variety of assessment tests, including:

  • Numerical 
  • Verbal 
  • Interview
  • Case Study

Wells Fargo Hiring Process

There are five stages to the Wells Fargo Personal Banker hiring process. The first stage consists of submitting an online application and completing various online assessment tests, which can include logical reasoning, numerical and verbal tests.

Candidates selected to move on to the second stage of the Wells Fargo employment screening process will have a phone interview to evaluate their interest in the position and if they are a good fit for the Wells Fargo company. Telephone interviews often review technical questions and understanding of the basics of the position.

Successful candidates will then have a face-to-face interview. In-person interviews may be individual or be a group interviews with many candidates. Candidates should be prepared to answer a range of behavioral and technical questions, as well as case studies. The questions asked to candidates may be focused on evaluating a candidate’s sales experience and ability to deal with customers.

At the final stage of the process, a panel interview is usually conducted with the branch manager as well as the regional manager. The same types of behavioral and technical questions may be asked, in addition to case studies.

Prepare for the Wells Fargo Manager Test

As the Manager exam is an extensive and comprehensive assessment, it's important to prepare for it to ensure that you do well. Luckily, JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ include practice tests and drills, test information and detailed answer explanations, study guides, user-friendly score reports, and more. Start preparing today to ensure your success!

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