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Prepare for the Valencia College Recruitment Process

Founded in 1967, Valencia College is known as the top and one of the largest community colleges in America, with over 71,000 students previously enrolled. Candidates who are interested in a long-term career can apply for the various open positions available. Available positions may include the role of Dean, Campus President, and Professor. Employees receive many opportunities to make lasting improvements in students’ lives and become leaders in a diverse community of individuals.

Steps found in the Valencia College hiring process are:

Application: The Valencia College application process can be conducted by filling out an online application form along with a CV. Other methods of applying can be done with an employee referral or in-person. Since many applications may be sent, Valencia asks applicants to answer qualifying queries which allows them to locate the most competent candidates for the role.

Telephone/Online Interview: Applicants will then receive an email confirmation that their application was received and reviewed by the selection committee. Candidates will be contacted via email or over the phone to discuss the following stage and may be invited for an initial online video interview, recorded by HireVue.

In-Person Interview: If the selection committee deems candidates as qualified, they will be invited for an in-person interview by a hiring manager and/or a member of the selection committee. The interview process differs for each job and may include one-on-one or panel interviews which are often conducted by about 10 people, such as various faculty members. Applicants may also be asked to prepare a short presentation on an explicit topic.

Test: Taking certain pre-employment exams, such as the PLI tests, may be required as part of the recruitment process. Aptitude exams give the selection committee a chance to evaluate candidates’ cognitive capabilities and personality.

The Valencia College PLI Test Process

Aptitude tests give hiring team a wider-range of information about each candidate so that they can hire the most compatible employees. An aptitude exam which may be given is the Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) test, which was previously called the Professional Learning Indicator (PLI). The aim of this assessment is to quantify test-takers’ cognitive capabilities and their ability to acclimate themselves to the workplace. The three subjects which are tested for during this test are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning skills.

Additionally, the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment seeks to evaluate the main character traits which are essential qualities for candidates to possess. These traits are extroversion, formality, patience, and dominance. Future employers administer this assessment as a way to assess candidates' behavioral tendencies and potential conduct in the workplace.

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Valencia College Interview Questions

Valencia's interview process is performed in a professional and interactive manner. Their interviewing methods are designed to find and hire only the most capable contenders. Some examples of possible interview questions are listed below


  • Why Valencia College?
  • What are some of the challenges students face while in college?
  • What is your experience with diversity?
  • How has your past experience prepared you for this position?



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