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Note: Postal Exam 473/473e has been retired by the US Postal Service as part of their recruitment process. You can find preparation materials for your assigned test by following the links below: Postal Exam 474 – Mail Carrier, Postal Exam 475 – Mail Handler, Postal Exam 476 – Mail Processor, Postal Exam 477 – Customer Service, Distribution, Sales.



Learn More About the 473 USPS Exam

Did you know that you only need a 70% to pass the 473 US Postal Exam? This may seem trivial; However, 80-90% of candidates fail the exam! This is not due to the difficulty of the exam, rather to the limited amount of time and number of questions the candidate needs to pass. Learn more about each section of the exam by clicking:

More Postal Exam 473 Information, tips and sample questions >>


473 Postal Exam Form Completion Sample Questions

In each form completion sample questions below, you need to mark one of 4 choices for a given question by: matching the correct field to a stated type of information, or comparing potential entries to an actual form field, or matching the intent of the postal service customer.



Postal Exam 473 - Form Completion Sample Questions 1-4

usps 473 exam form completion sample 2

Question 1: Which of the following is a correct entry for box 7?


Question 2: Ellen Tigh received a package and is pleased with its well-keeping. which box should she fill?


Question 3: A package is sent to Billy Keikeya in 1 Colonial Ct, Springfield OH. Which entry should be entered into box 14?


Question 4: A fragile and flammable package weighing 18 lb. and taking up 9 gallones was sent. which of the following boxes sould not be filled?




Postal Exam 473 - Form Completion Sample Questions 5-8

usps 473 exam form completion sample 3

Question 5: Which of the following entries is correct for box 1?


Question 6: Where should it be indicated that the costumer is moving to his new home on May 27th 2019?


Question 7: Ron Smith wishes to forward his wife's mail along with his to his summer house. Where should his wife's name be written?


Question 8: Jim Crow intends to return to his original address. Which box should be filled to indicate this?



Prepare for the USPS 473 Exam

The USPS test is about proficiency. In order to be fully prepared for the examination, it is recommended that you practice with questions similar to the actual exam. Furthermore, the accompanied explanations can further reveal tips and methods relevant to the context. Try our Postal Service exam packs to ensure you pass the exam.



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