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About JobTestPrep’s University Of Illinois at Chicago Packs

JobTestPrep offers hundreds of custom and tailored preparation packages to suit your needs. There is no need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the application and recruitment process when using JobTestPrep.

University Of Illinois at Chicago Accounting Civil Service Exam

The accounting exam will cover a wide range of topics, including among others:

  • Inductive and Deductive Reasoning: Solve problems by applying general rules or by piecing together strands of information.
  • Accounting Terms and Problems: This segment of the test will challenge your knowledge of basic terminologies and apply principles of the trade correctly.
  • Coding Guidelines: Testing your ability to determine the correct code for given information, or understand what information can be inferred from a given code.

University Of Illinois at Chicago Civil Service Clerical Exam

Anyone applying for on the federal, state or local levels, as clerks, stenographers, typists and data-entry positions will most likely have to take the clerical exam.  By customizing the test to match each unique position, the hiring manager can more easily measure your ability to accurately memorize and remember information as needed. 

University Of Illinois at Chicago Civil Secretary Exam

As a secretary you will be busy organizing files, drafting messages, scheduling appointments, and supporting other staff members in a variety of ways. This test measures your efficiency in carrying out given tasks, typing speed, record keeping and correct usage of language (Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation.) Generally civil service secretary exam is a prerequisite for secretarial or office assistant positions in the civil service.

University Of Illinois at Chicago Civil Service Clerk Typist Test

Questions on this test will vary from Clerical Operations which focuses on punctuality, attention to detail and coding to Direction Following to ensure you can follow directions both simple and complex. The position of typist is more complex than it sounds, and the typist test will challenge your accuracy, speed, and technical abilities. Of course, grammar, spelling and your speed is a given. Additionally, expect questions on Basic Arithmetic Computations and record keeping (graphs, tables….)

University Of Illinois at Chicago Personality Test

The personality test will look to uncover your attitude towards work, communication skills, motivation and your values that make you successful. Companies like the University Of Illinois at Chicago looking to fill positions like sales, engineering and HR want to know that you have what it takes to deal with the pressures and complexities of a given job. Unlike the face-to-face interview, it is difficult to charm your way through the personality, so it is imperative that you prepare.

University Of Illinois at Chicago SJT Test

The University Of Illinois at Chicago Situational Judgement Test (SJT) provides insight into your abilities to effectively approach conflicts and scenarios that may come up during the workday. Expect to choose a series different statements that best or least describe you. The results of this test will allow the University Of Illinois at Chicago Assessment to gain a better understanding regarding your workplace competencies, as well as your compatibility with their company standards.


Online Preparation for the University Of Illinois at Chicago Tests

There is no need to feel intimidated by the University Of Illinois at Chicago assessment testing with JobTestPrep on your side. Our in-depth practice materials and comprehensive study guides will ensure that you have a leg up on other candidates throughout the University Of Illinois at Chicago hiring process.


University Of Illinois at Chicago Gear up for Interview Process

Preparing for an interview can be difficult as companies devise new techniques and questions to knock you off your kilter. HR managers want to know how you are going to handle criticism in the moment by trying to use scare tactics (i.e. no smiles during the interview), using the stress interview (i.e. rapid-fire questioning) or by using the classic weakness question. First understand that the interviewer is not out to get you, but to find the best candidate who can “take the heat”. Don’t get nervous, bring your “A Game” with our interview PrepPack™ and be ready for any interview scenario.

What is the University Of Illinois at Chicago's Panel Interview?

A panel interview is a part of the University Of Illinois at Chicago's face-to-face interview that usually takes place in one of its locations. Unlike other in-person interviews during which you talk to one or maximum two recruiters, the panel interview presupposes an interview with four or five people simultaneously. Usually, you will have a conversation with a Human Resources representative, with managers of several departments, your prospective managers, and team leaders. Questions asked in the panel interview are usually competency-based. But you can also expect situational questions, in answering which you will need to describe a situation where you encountered and successfully solved a problem by taking certain actions. If you apply for a technical position, you may also be asked technical questions aimed to evaluate your professionalism. The panel interview may last up to several hours.

Why should I prepare with JobTestPrep to receive a job offer at the University Of Illinois at Chicago?

JobTestPrep has conducted thorough and original research on the University Of Illinois at Chicago's pre-employment tests and modeled its tests on them most closely. Practicing with our tests not only guarantees you familiarity with your future test’s format but also sharpens your skills and deepens your knowledge of topics encountered in your pre-employment assessment. Our tests and drills may also instill you with confidence: when you set your foot in the University Of Illinois at Chicago's interview room, you will be unnerved neither by difficult questions nor a short time limit. To enhance your productivity during your preparation, JobTestPrep has also supplied its tests with answer keys and detailed study guides designed to help you track your progress and identify your weak points. Fully prepared with our exclusive practice materials, you will have more chances to excel on your exam and, consequently, become short-listed for the University Of Illinois at Chicago's interview.


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