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About JobTestPrep’s Universal Engineering Packs

Going through the recruitment process for Universal Engineering can make you feel somewhat frazzled. JobTestPrep’s comprehensive practice materials will help ease your mind and help you gain the confidence that you need to come out on top throughout the Universal Engineering’s hiring procedure.


"The preps were exactly what I was given when I took the actual test. Although there is no "right" or "wrong" answer you will know what to expect."

Owen M., candidate for a position at Universal Engineering

  • 68% of Universal Engineering's job candidates are required to take a personality test
  • 56% of the the customers who practiced with the personality test PrepPack™, prepared with the interview pack as well

Universal Engineering Caliper-style Test

The Caliper Test is used to measure and report on how an applicant's traits relate to job performance. It is not a pass/fail test. The Caliper Profile gathers information about an individual’s natural strengths, motivators, and potential to succeed in a particular role.

Universal Engineering Mechanical Reasoning Test

Most mechanical reasoning and electrical reasoning tests introduce basic concepts of Newtonian mechanics and static and dynamic electricity. The focus is usually not on calculations, but understanding of the basic principles involved. The questions are usually standard multiple-choice questions, where only one answer is correct out of several optional answers. As the tests are timed, rehearsing the concepts and knowing what questions usually look like improves performance in terms of both accuracy and response time.


Practice Online for Your Universal Engineering Test with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep’s goal is to ensure job-seekers receive the best preparation materials necessary for use throughout the recruitment process. We have you covered not only during your pre-employment assessments, but the interview process as well. Sign up today and gain access to dozens of practice tests, study guides, and more!


Universal Engineering Interview Preparation

Once you have successfully passed the screening process for the company, you should be contacted for an interview. Interviews are routinely carried out by either an HR representative from the company, or by the department manager overseeing the position for which you have applied. During the company interview you will be asked questions regarding your prior work experience, your knowledge of the company, what you will be able to offer their establishment, etc. You should always research and brush up on the company’s expectations for their employees prior to participating in their interview process.

All You Need to Know Before Launching Your Job Search

How Can Preparing for My Universal Engineering Assessments Benefit Me?

Preparing for any test prior to taking them will give you the ability to familiarise yourself with the material being covered. JobTestPrep offers you the advantage for excelling in all of your Universal Engineering assessments through the use of our many practice tests and study guides.

How Can I Prepare for Caliper Tests?

The ultimate preparation to pass Caliper Tests is to practice. However, there are further factors that can enhance and speed up your preparation process. For this reason, JobTestPrep created a concise preparation pack that contains not only assessment tests but also solving strategies, practice tips, and further tools designed by our specialist to help you gear up for the assessment. Start practicing today with JobTestPrep.

What Can I Expect from the Hiring Process?

From the screening process to the interview and assessment you will have to prove over and over again that you are right for the position and can fit in to company culture. However, even after you have made your final handshake and sign the contract you work has only just begun. Your onboarding process will give your new employer a great sense of how you will adapt to your new role – all eyes will be upon you.


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