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About UBS PrepPacks™

JobTestPrep helps you in preparing for UBS's recruitment processes. The different preparation packages on this page are designed to offer you an in-depth understanding of the tests you may come to take as part of the UBS application process.

UBS Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning also called Verbal, Inductive, or Deductive Reasoning tests, assesses the candidates' ability to read and understand complicated texts and, most importantly, to utilize critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and recognize important facts.

UBS Personality Tests

There are different kinds of questions found on personality assessment tests. When given a statement with extreme statements such as "always" and "never," you should answer them with less extreme answers such as "agree" and "not strongly agree." However, there are times during a personality test in which you should choose "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree.


Practice Tests for the Banking and Finance Industry Test

If you are nervous about your forthcoming pre-employment assessment, put your preparation process into hands of JobTestPrep. We offer a sophisticated PrepPack™ containing close test simulations, drills, and step-by-step study guides. Equipped with knowledge, you will easily outshine other job candidates and will convince recruiters to make a hiring decision in your favor.


UBS Interview Process

After your resume has made it through the company’s screening process, you will likely be contacted to take part in an initial phone interview. You should prepare for a phone interview similarly to how you would a face-to-face or panel interview by anticipating the sorts of questions you may be asked (competency & skill-based, as well as those regarding your availability, salary expectations, etc.) and by practicing your responses. Additionally, it is recommended to maintain good posture and smile throughout the duration of the phone interview as both can affect your overall enunciation and tone.

What is the purpose of UBS's aptitude tests?

Many employers use aptitude tests as part of the hiring process because they provide employers with the opportunity to gain insight about your intellectual skills, work compatibility, and cooperation and interaction with others. Therefore, preparation for these tests is essential to get one step closer to the job you desire.

Do Personality Tests Reflect the True Me?

When taking a personality test, your results may not always reflect your true self. You must keep in mind that a job personality test shows your work persona. The test is not about seeing personas that are revealed in family life or other contexts.

What is the best way to present my answers in UBS interview?

The best way to present your answers in your interview is with the STAR method: situation, task, action, result. This is the most preferable way of answering questions as it presents your answers in a real life situation which really engages the interviewer.


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