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JobTestPrep has compiled the TSYS PrepPack™ to help you improve your results and rise above other candidates for your desired position. Our tests and drills will teach you how to answer tricky questions within record time. Our answer keys will allow you to track your progress and locate your weaknesses so that you know what questions require more practicing. With our practice tests, your ability to necessary skills, think critically, and to comprehend and utilize information will sharpen.


Prepare for your assessment at TSYS with our materials, and get the job.


TSYS Hiring Process

Total System Services’s (TSYS) evaluation of its potential employees has several rounds.

  • The CCAT & personality test - After you submit your online application and résumé to the company’s Human Resources department, you will receive a link to the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test and Personality Test, which you are required to complete within the same day. While questions on the CCAT will not present much difficulty, its short time limit will. To finish the test on time and not to hurt your chances of securing an interview with TSYS representatives, make sure to study with our materials before your assessment.
  • Phone Interview - If your results for both tests are satisfactory, a recruiter will get in touch with you and will talk to you on the phone about your education, working experience, and your future contribution to the development of the company. The recruiter will also tell you how departments at TSYS operate, what tools and methodologies employees use to complete their projects, and what you should expect from the company’s corporate culture in general.
  • Technical Phone Interview - For job candidates competing for such positions as a QA Engineer, Identity, and Access Management Analyst, or Web Developer, there may be another phone or Skype interview with several managers and team members who will gauge your knowledge in your field of specialization. Be prepared to answer technical questions about different languages, including C++, Java Script, and PHP, among others. You will also need to demonstrate your understanding of the testing process.
  • The Face-to-Face Interview - The second interview is face-to-face and is conducted at one of the company’s locations. In this interview, you will meet with several managers and team members at once. They will ask you competency-based questions and will try to find information about your professional skills and working history. If you applied for programming positions, you will have conversations with BAs, Developers, and Testers who will probe your knowledge about different languages, Agile process, IIS, or CI system. You may also be required to debug certain software and hardware.
  • Speed Interview - Note that if you are competing for a position of a Customer Service Representative or Fraud Analyst, you will have a so-called speed interview. TSYS representatives will put you in a room together with four or five candidates to be evaluated by six or more interviewers who will ask you questions by turns. The face-to-face round of interviews may take up to two hours.

What Is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)?

The initial assessment at TSYS is conducted by the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test. This test is created to evaluate applicants’ general cognitive aptitude and their workplace performances. Among these evaluated factors are abilities to pay attention to details, acquire new information and skills, think critically, and solve problems.

To make the evaluation of applicants’ cognitive abilities more systematic, the CCAT groups them in three sections: math and logic, verbal skills, and spatial reasoning. Altogether, these sections have 50 items. You are required to answer them within 15 minutes (no more than 30 seconds per question) - this is the major challenge of the CCAT. You will not be allowed a time extension either.

Scores for the CCAT are given in several formats. You receive either a raw score, which calculates only correctly answered questions in your test, or you get a percentile score. A percentile score counts your score in relation to scores of other job candidates. Thus, if you receive a percentile mark of 79, this does not mean that you correctly answered 79% of the questions in the CCAT. Your percentile score rather indicates that you did better on your test than 79% of other applicants.  

Because your success on the CCAT is measured against other people’s achievements, it is crucial to be on par with them or even better. Practicing with JobTestPrep’s materials will give you an advantage over other job-seekers. Your improved scores will guarantee that you become TSYS recruiters’ first choice.   

TSYS Personality Assessment

Another test that TSYS requires its future-employees to pass is the Personality Test. The company wants to ensure that its staff has not only sharp cognitive abilities but also pleasant adaptable personalities. The Personality Test measures your compatibility to your position and gauges your behavior in various work scenarios. Questions asked in the assessment either estimate your judgment of people’s behavior or invite you to rank your own attitude to certain problems on the scale from 1 to 5.

The Personality Assessment expects you to answer all questions honestly and impromptu. However, this does not mean that you do not need to prepare for it. You do need to know how to present your personal traits in a more advantageous way and how to avoid falling into pitfalls of tricky questions. JobTestPrep’s materials can show you how to highlight your professional qualities and, in doing so, convince your employers that you can move their business to a higher level.

TSYS Interviews

Tsys invites its potential employees to several rounds of interviews. An initial phone interview with the company’s recruiters might be followed by another phone or Skype interview with the company’s managers or team members. In these conversations, you will be required to elaborate on your working experience and your qualities recommending you for the applied position. If you are competing for such positions as a Web Developer or QA Engineer, you will also be asked technical questions.  The final interview is in one of the company’s offices and is usually conducted by several managers, directors, and TSYS employees. If you want a position such as a customer Service Representative or Fraud Analyst, you might have a speed interview, in which several managers will talk to you in turn.

TSYS Interview Questions & Answers

Some questions posed in Tsys actual interview are listed below.

  • What tools have you used in your past experience?  
  • Why do you want this job?
  • When determining the credit worthiness of a company, would you look at the balance sheet or income statement first?
  • How well do you adapt to change in a work environment and how quickly do you usually accomplish this?
  • Tell us about a time when you lead a team to a success.
  • Describe a time when you helped a frustrated customer  
  • If you were helping someone troubleshoot connectivity and they told you their IP address was 10.100.6. *, what would be the first thing to check?
  • What is the Team Foundation Server?

Formulating answers to these and similar questions before your interview at TSYS is important if you want to feel confident and professional. It is also advisable to brush up on your technical knowledge (as you may be asked technical questions) and inquire about TSYS and its mission if you want to produce a positive and pleasant impression on your future employers.

About TSYS

Total System Services (TSYS) is a company that processes credit cards and issues bank credit cards. It also provides payment processing, merchant, and other payment services to various financial institutions around the world. A part of Vista Equity Partners, TSYS is headquartered in Columbus, Georgia, but has locations on four continents. In addition to the US, its offices are in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Cyprus, Malaysia, India, and the United Arab Emirates. There are, altogether, more than 10,000 TSYS employees working in these locations, and, named the best large employer by Forbes. The company’s revenue is up to $5 billion per year, and its salaries are generally high. TSYS employees annually earn $40,000 to over $100,000, depending on their position. TSYS Business Analyst makes $46,634 per year; the salary of Financial Analysts averages $58,820. The company’s Director’s wages are $106,854.

Practice for your TSYS pre-employment assessment with JobTestPrep’s resources and become a part of the industry that finds the best, most secure, and the quickest payment solutions.

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