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The World Bank Employment Process

The World Bank employment process will begin once you have uploaded your CV or resume to the website. Once your resume has been screened, you will be contacted by phone to schedule an interview.

Your interview with The World Bank will either be held one-on-one, or in a panel/ group comprised of supervisory personnel and other members of the staff.

The World Bank Internship Process

The World Bank internship program is for those with an undergraduate degree in a variety of fields including economics, finance, human development, environment, private sector development, etc. To begin the application process for an internship with The World Bank, you must show proficiency in English as well as be currently enrolled in a graduate program.

To apply, you will need to upload a copy of your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to their website, followed by a “statement of interest” and proof of your enrollment. Ensure that all of your information is correct and up-to-date as you will only be able to submit these documents once.

Once your documentation has gone through screening, you will be contacted for a phone interview. During the phone interview, you will be asked questions regarding your background and the type of career path you are aspiring to follow as an intern with The World Bank. Since proficiency in English is also a requirement of The Work Bank internship program, you should anticipate questions which test this skill.


Prepare for Your World Bank Test

Regardless of if you are applying for an internship or an experienced position with The World Bank, you should be aware of the aptitude assessments you may be required to take. These assessments measure a range of skills and abilities which will help The World Bank place you in regard to the vacancies within their programs and company.



The World Bank Interview

During your World Bank interview, you should expect to be asked an array of questions ranging from your previous experience to your own distinct skills and abilities. This is your time to show your interviewers what sets you apart from the other applicants.

Be sure to present your answers in a confident and organized manner. Here are just a few examples of the World Bank interview questions to prepare yourself for:

  • What do you know about the company and our team's work?
  • Why have you decided to apply at The World Bank?
  • How would you apply your previous experience in this position?
  • How did you handle a difficult situation in any of your previous jobs?


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