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Start Texas Instruments Recruitment Process

Applying for a position with Texas Instruments entails passing a few simple steps. In the U.S., as well as other countries, there is usually a two-step process for candidates looking to join Texas Instruments internship program. There may be a three-step process for graduates as well as experienced employees. The steps are listed below:

Online Application: Applicants can submit an application form along with their resume online. They may apply through an employee referral or a recruiter as well.

Telephone Interview: Throughout a virtual interview (over the phone or through a video chat), candidates will speak with a potential manager regarding the vacant position. The virtual conversation can last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes and will be comprised of behavioral and technical questions.

Tests: Applicants may need to complete entrance exams before coming in for an in-person interview. Candidates are evaluated based on their test results and overall personality profile.

In-Person Interview: Applicants who are new college graduates or experienced hires may have one or more onsite interviews. The in-person interview stage will likely consists of face-to-face conversations with hiring managers and other employers.

Texas Instruments Criticall Test

The pre-employment process is comprised of various psychometric tests which assess applicants on a multitude of subjects and skills. If candidates wish to become a dispatcher or operator, they may face the Criticall exam. This assessment has many sub-tests which have their own criteria for passing. Taking this test requires that applicants can enter in the correct data field, cross reference the data into the correct section, and sort through similar information to find where they differ. The test measures applicants’ decision-making skills, their memory recollection, as well as how well they prioritize information.

Candidates are also tested with aptitude exams to determine whether they possess basic cognitive functions. The verbal reasoning test determines how well they understand written passages and data. The mathematical reasoning test displays their algebraic understanding, and the logical reasoning exam pinpoints how well they can make rational decisions. The situation judgement (SJT) and personality tests shed light on candidates; character and behavioral traits.

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Texas Instruments Interview Process

You may experience different interview styles and processes, contingent on the job being applied for. Positions such as applications engineer, analog design engineer, or design engineer, may be open for applications. Prepare for your interview by researching the job description, thinking of questions, practicing your answers, feeling confident, and getting ready to ask the interviewers questions as well.

Applicants will have opportunities to discuss their strengths when answering technical-related questions and talking about their previous experience. The core traits which are assessed during the interview process are passion, curiosity, and a drive to be successful.

The interview process for joining Texas Instruments internship program may entail meeting with hiring managers, potential co-workers, and other members of the team. A full day interview includes lunch, a tour of the company, and being fully informed about the role. Some examples of possible Texas Instruments interview questions for a variety of job positions are:

  • Tell us about a time where you have really wanted to win a competition. Why did you really want to win it?
  • Name a time in your school/work when you failed and how you handled it.
  • Tell us about a time you encountered conflict, and how you approached the situation.
  • Talk about a project where you didn't get the results you wanted and what you did.
  • What is something that you are proud of?
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