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The Test of English for International Communication provided by ETS, measures four primary communication abilities: Listening, reading, speaking and writing. The Test of English for International Communication uses these skills to measure the English language proficiency level of job applicants, current employees and personnel seeking promotions. There are two ETS TOEIC the Listening & Reading Test and the Speaking & Writing Test.

TOEIC exams contain common words that are used in the real world on a daily basis. Likewise, the tasks included in TOEIC tests are the usual everyday personal and business activities.

Listening & Reading Test

The TOEIC Listening and Reading test contains two sections: listening and reading. The listening section of the test consists of 4 parts and the reading test consists of 3 parts. The score for each section is computed on the basis of the number of correct answers, converted to a scaled score. Add the Listening Section scaled score to the Reading Section scaled score, and you have the total scaled score. The Pass threshold depends on the level of English proficiency needed in a particular job.

Since there is no penalty for wrong responses, it is to your benefit to answer every question; guess if necessary. You will have a total of two hours to finish the entire test.

This exam includes 100 questions in each section. It is strictly timed, and formatted in Paper & Pencil as multiple-choice.

Section I – Listening

Section I TOEIC Listening Test has four parts. You will have 45 minutes to complete Section I.

  • Part 1. Photos – There are 10 questions. The pictures presented are uncluttered. Directions for each question are given verbally. Four alternative statements follow every question. Select the statement that accurately reflects what is taking place in the picture.
  • Part 2. Question-Response – A total of 30 questions are given. Each question and three alternatives are presented verbally. Select the one response that fits the question.
  • Part 3. Conversations – Expect 30 questions comprised of 10 verbal conversations between two people. The each conversation will be followed by three questions which will be both verbal and written. Select the answer that accurately reflects the conversation and answers the question.
  • Part 4. Short Talks – As in Part 3, there are 30 questions; 10 single-speaker verbal talks, each followed by three questions. Select the answer choice that answers the question in accordance with the information presented in the talk.

Section II – Reading

The TOEIC Reading Test contains three parts where you will presented a variety of text followed by different kinds of reading comprehension questions. This section hasa time limit of 75 minutes.

  • Part 5. Incomplete Sentences – There are 40 questions in Part 5. Within each given sentence, there is a blank space. Select the alternative that correctly fills that space and completes the sentence.
  • Part 6. Text Completion – You will find 12 questions in Part 6. A written text, such as an email, is presented. It contains a blank space. Select the alternative that correctly completes the text.
  • Part 7. Reading Comprehension – Part 7 contains 48 questions. Answer each question based solely on the information in the passage that accompanies the question.

Speaking & Writing Test

The TOEIC speaking test and TOEIC writing test are actually independent sections in the TOEIC Speaking & Writing Test. Expect everyday scenarios, phrases and vocabulary. The entire test has a timeframe of 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Section I – Speaking – There are 11 questions to be answered within a timeframe of 20 minutes. The tasks include reading a text aloud, describing a picture, answering questions, specifically using given information to answer questions, suggesting a solution to a given problem and expressing an opinion. The focal points involve pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and content.

Section II – Writing – You will have 60 minutes to answer 8 questions in written form. In Questions 1-5, you will write a sentence based on a picture. Questions 6 & 7 require you to reply to a written request, such as an email. An opinion essay is needed for Question 8.

TOEIC Test Preparation

Thorough TOEIC test prep involves working on TOEIC sample tests with question and answer analysis, reviewing a study guide and learning helpful exam strategies. By practicing on sample questions, you will become familiar with the types of questions that you will face on the real exam, making it easier to fluently and quickly answer the test questions. JobTestPrep is working to develop a total TOEIC preparation program geared to optimize your exam results.

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