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Get Ready for the Telkom Recruitment Process

Telkom internships, full-time careers, and leadership opportunities provide candidates with knowledge regarding the banking and broadcasting systems involved. Employers look for eager and dedicated individuals to join the Telkom employment team.

The steps found in the Telkom application process are:

  • Online application: The Telkom online application can be done by submitting the online form and sending in your resume. The application may be performed through an employee referral or a recruiter.
  • Telephone Interview: You may have a brief phone screening interview with an HR representative prior to being considered for the in-person interview stage.
  • In-Person Interview: This stage may consist of several face-to-face sessions with a hiring manager, department head, and other employers. Group interviews may be performed as well to assess your aptitude when working with a team.
  • Test: You may need to complete several pre-employment assessment exams. These tests show your employer that you have the necessary requirements to be considered for the position.

The Telkom Test Stage

Employers at Telkom score candidates’ cognitive abilities based on the results of the psychometric tests which are performed during the recruitment process. Aptitude tests such as the situational judgment and personality test depict realistic scenarios and conflicts which are likely to occur in the workplace. The results given by test-takers provide sufficient assessments as to how compatible they are for the available jobs. Other aptitude entrance exams, such as the mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests, cover a wide range of concepts. These include basic mathematical skills, information application and data analysis, the comprehension of written passages, and decision-making abilities. The Excel tests help employers sensibly assess applicants’ Microsoft Excel skills and determine whether they are qualified for the position.

Start practicing for your aptitude exams today.

Telkom Interview Questions

Applicants may desire examples of the Telkom interview questions and answers in order to prepare them for the interview stage. Practicing for your interview is an essential part of performing well and leaving a good impression. Some sample interview questions are listed below:

  • Why do you want this position?
  • Describe a time where you had to meet a near impossible deadline and how you managed the task.
  • Do you have any telecommunications experience?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Try to prepare ahead of the interview by using the STAR method when answering interview questions. The STAR method focuses on the situation, the task involved, the action taken, and the result which occurred.


Telkom Subsidiaries 
Business Connexion Group
Africa Online
Trudon (Pty) Ltd.
Telkom Management Services (proprietary) Ltd.
Swiftnet Pty Limited
Rossal No 65 (Proprietary) Ltd.
Iwayafrica Group
Telkom International (Proprietary) Ltd.

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