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What Is the Technical Interview?

The technical interview is administered only to those job applicants who are vying for a position which includes operating machinery, using technical tools, or testing and building the hardware and software. Because technical questions are posed to job candidates specializing in the Informational Technology, Engineering, Science, or Mechanics, they are tailored to the specific area of their expertise. In addition to questions pertaining to the sphere of their specialization, the technical interview may contain numerical reasoning and brain teaser questions.

  • Numerical reasoning questions usually posed about the information presented in statistical tablets, charts, graphs, number sequences, and tests. You are required to analyze the given numerical data and choose one correct answer among several incorrect alternatives. Numerical Reasoning questions are not extremely difficult, usually covering the high school material. Yet they are strictly timed, which might be challenging, if you do not practise beforehand. Job applicants are given between 45 seconds to two minutes to answer each question. Practising with JobTestPrep’s exclusive test simulations before you show up for your interview will improve your time record and the accuracy of your calculations.
  • Brain teaser questions are abstract, highly unusual, and mind-boggling. They require applicants to think logically, make a thorough analysis, and check various hypotheses to arrive to a conclusion. Whether you answer brain teaser questions correctly is of secondary importance: recruiters are more interested in seeing how your mind works and what logical steps you take to unravel the given puzzle. They want to see how you use your creativity to crack a brain teaser question and what methodology you employ to do this. An unpleasant assumption that recruiters often make is that if applicants experience a difficulty in solving brain teaser questions, they might have difficulty in fulfilling tasks in their new workplace, when they get hired. To prevent recruiters from making such invidious conclusions about your aptitude for the advertised position, practice for brain teaser questions in advance. They often have a form of a riddle and are, therefore, exciting to unscramble.

The lion’s share of questions posed during the technical interview are, however, geared towards measuring the depth of your technical knowledge in your field of expertise. Depending on your specialization, you will be asked to analyze charts, diagrams, or statistical tables; you might be given a mathematical problem to solve. You may be invited also to explain an algorithm or differences between certain technical elements or operations.  To prepare for technical questions, brush up not only your knowledge of technical concepts and operations but also form a clear idea about the company’s technical activities. Interviewers’ questions may relate to the company or the technical work that you will do, when you become employed. If you have recently graduated with a degree in one of the technical areas, be ready to answer technical questions about the projects you completed during your studies. Expect also to be asked to solve actual technical problems that you may experience in the future, if you are offered a position. A list of the frequently asked technical interview questions is provided below.

What Technical Skills Should You Have?

The ability to perform a task associated with technical roles is defined as a technical skill. The fields of occupations where excellent technical skills are required are IT, Engineering, Mechanics, Finance, and Science, among others. The most required technical skills in the majority of workplaces are programming, analyzing of various figures, and using certain technical tools.

Programming Skills

Those times when only programmers and developers were expected to have programming skills have long gone. Now, even customer service specialists and project managers are advised to hone their technical skills and gain a basic understanding of programming if they seek to excel in their workplace. Knowing how to code will always give you bonuses in any IT related occupation.

Project Management Skills

Project managers are required to possess a totally different set of technical skills. Employed in many industries, from construction to marketing to digital design, they need to know how to coordinate resources, people, and budgets. Project managers are expected to complete every project to everyone’s satisfaction, use all required resources cost-effectively, and engage the right co-workers in the fulfilment of the project, distributing tasks between them according to their roles and abilities. Taking all these factors into consideration will empower project managers to resolve problems promptly, anticipate future difficulties, and improve the overall working environment in their companies.

Business Intelligence Skills

Knowing how to analyze information well is important to the blossoming of every business in every industry, since only by meticulously scrutinizing collected data can analysts ensure that their company retains advantage over its competitors. This technical skill is thus deemed extremely important by employers. Analyzing data is no mean feat, and its correct evaluation helps trace correlations, identify the company’s most valuable customers, and assess return on investments. A thorough data analysis also enables managers to understand what new strategies to employ to improve the company’s business.

Information Security Skills

Maintaining the security of information is becoming increasingly important for every company, considering how easily any data can be leaked and hacked, if certain measures are not taken against cyber security violations. To protect themselves, companies hire technical security specialists able to locate weak spots in their security system, identify its vulnerabilities, and prevent informational breaches. If you are applying for a data management position or any role in the Informational Technology department, stress your information security skills most emphatically on your résumé and demonstrate them to your recruiters when answering technical questions.  

Examples of the Technical Interview Questions

Below is the partial list of the most frequently asked technical interview questions. They have been culled from different technological fields, from the IT to Finances, Banking, Mechanics, and Mathematics.  Go over these questions attentively and focus on those that belong to your field. Then, formulate smart answers to them. If you come with ready answers at least to some of the technical questions asked during your interview, you will double your chances of passing it with success. The following questions were posed to real job applicants during their technical interviews:

  • What is SAP ABAP?
  • What is today's Dow Jones index?
  • Will you take a bet with expected value same as the initial pay off?
  • When you install Cognos, what gets placed into each directory?  
  • Write complete code for a single linked list and find out if it circular.
  • What is a Discounted Clash Flow (DCF) analysis?
  • How can you compare the performance of two companies by just looking at the market value of their shares?  
  • What is GAC?
  • A lily pad doubles in size every minute, it takes one hour for the lily pad to cover an entire pond. How long did it take for the lily pad to cover only a quarter of the pond?
  • What is new in Java 9?
  • What is Spring-XD?
  • How are Spring MVC architecture and Hibernate related?  
  • What is an EJB? What method starts a new transaction for an EJB?
  • What KPIs Have You Used?
  • What are the most important factors to consider in budget development?
  • What is your view on cloud accounting and the benefits it provides to business owners?
  • What is your experience with HPLC?
  • How do you support the functional analysts (FA)?
  • How do you address cache coherency? How do you address scalability?
  • Which algorithm does an Elastic Load Balancer use?
  • What is EBS? What is TCP and what is UDP?
  • What is ETL and when should it be used?
  • What is the role of SNMP?
  • How would you detect a loop in a linked list?
  • Suppose you are helping customers troubleshoot connectivity. If they tell you that their IP address is 10.100.6.*, what will you check first?

The Mechanical Aptitude Test

To help you refresh your knowledge of technical terms, tools, and mechanical operations, JobTestPrep has included in its sophisticated PrepPack™ the Mechanical Aptitude Test and the Logical Reasoning Test.

The Mechanical Aptitude Test – This test is designed to measure applicants’ ability to apply mechanical or engineering principles to novel situations and, in so doing, answer the given questions correctly. Unlike other reasoning tests, the Mechanical Aptitude Test evaluates not your general intelligence but your acquired knowledge. Hence, you can prepare for this test and improve your results with every trial. Questions asked on the Mechanical Aptitude Test refer to a range of mechanical principles. Among them such mechanical areas as these:

  • Gears;
  • Levers;
  • Pulleys;
  • Screws;
  • Gravity;
  • Pressure;
  • Friction;
  • Kinetic Energy;
  • Potential energy;
  • Applied Math;

The format of the Mechanical Aptitude Test is simple. Each question formulated in this test is followed by several answers, only one of which is correct. Applicants are required to tick off the answer they think is right. Note that there are some questions on the Mechanical Aptitude Test that are impossible to answer, due to the insufficiency of the information given in them. If this is the case, mark the question as “Impossible to Say.” This test is strictly timed. You will have from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to answer each question. Preparing to this test is, therefore, the key to your success. Practise with JobTestPrep’s high-quality materials containing both the Mechanical Aptitude Test and the Logical Reasoning Test and show to your employers that you possess the technical knowledge that they seek in their job candidates.

JobTestPrep specializes in helping job applicants to pass tests and interviews with success. We have developed high-quality test simulations and interview materials that will lead you to employment by the company of your choice. Purchase our interview resources and answer all technical questions on your technical interview with ease and confidence. 

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