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About Praxis

The Praxis test was created by ETS. There are multiple Praxis tests that are used for teacher licensing and certification. They measure candidates' knowledge and skills in specific subjects. The tests include:

  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators - These tests measure academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. They measure the skills and content knowledge of candidates entering teacher preparation programs.
  • Praxis Subject Assessments - These tests measure subject-specific content knowledge as well as general and subject-specific teaching skills that are needed for teaching careers.
  • Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT) - These tests measure subject-specific content knowledge, focusing on K-12 teaching.

Each state determines its own certification, passing score, and which Praxis tests you need to pass score requirements.

About the Praxis Core

The Praxis Core consists of three different tests:

  • Reading Test: The Core Reading test measures skills in understanding, analyzing, and evaluation of texts. You will be presented with several passages, and you will need to answer multiple choice questions based on these passages. There are 56 questions on this test, and it has an 85-minute time limit.
  • Writing Test: The Core Writing test has two parts — two essays and 40 multiple choice questions. The essays are used to assess both argumentative and informative/explanatory writing. The test contains one writing task for each type. The multiple choice questions will be related to the importance of research strategies and revising and improving text. You will have 60 minutes to write the two essays and 40 minutes to answer the multiple choice questions.
  • Mathematics Test: The Core Mathematics test includes 56 numeric entry and multiple choice questions. You will be provided with an on-screen calculator to help you throughout the test. The test includes subjects such as number & quantity, algebra & functions, geometry, and statistics & probability. You will have 85 minutes to complete this test.

About the Praxis Subject Assessments

The Praxis Subject Assessments consists of two groups of tests:

  • Subject Assessments - These tests measure general and subject-specific teaching skills and knowledge. The tests include both selected response and essay questions.
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests - These tests measure general pedagogical knowledge at one of four grade levels: Early Childhood, K-6, 5-9 and 7-12. These tests include selected response questions and short prompts based on information provided in case studies.

About the Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments

The Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT) assesses whether you, as a prospective elementary teacher, have the full range of content knowledge needed. The CKT is comprised of four subtests: reading & language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The purpose of these subtests is to be able to evaluate different ways of explaining or representing content, to modify a student's task to support a specific content learning goal, to recognize common patterns of student thinking, and to identify common misconceptions.

The Reading and Language Arts CKT subtest contains 63 selected response questions.

The Mathematics CKT subtest contains 52 questions.

The Science subtest contains 50 selected response questions, and the Social Studies subtest contains 55 selected response questions.

Prepare for the Praxis with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep provides practice questions and study guides to help you prepare for the Praxis test. Our practice packs include practice tests with detailed answer explanations to help you achieve the score you need to become a teacher.



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