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Taylor Communications Hiring Process

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Taylor Communications Interview Process

To find the most competent employees, Taylor Communications has devised a rigorous hiring process, which includes Bennett Mechanical online test and competitive interviews designed to push you to your limits and reveal what you are made of. From administrative and customer service to engineering and finance among many other career paths, the hiring processes are designed to sift the good from the best.

The initial Taylor Communications interview will usually start with you being asked to introduce yourself while answering occurring questions. Afterward, you will delve into the job responsibilities and your compatibility for the position – relevant job experience, courses of action you would take, possible challenges you foresee facing, and how you can contribute to Taylor Communications success. Lastly, you might be asked to state your salary expectations and when can you start. If you pass, there might be additional interviews ahead.

Interview Questions

One of the most productive things you can do before any interview is to prepare for interview questions.

Questions on Knowledge and Experience: These questions are designed to dog deeply into you claimed knowledge to better understand how you have successfully implemented your skill-sets. They also are trying to gain insight in how much time it will take you to transition into the position and how much training you might have to go under.

Questions on your Competence: Book knowledge is one thing, but street smarts is truly another. These questions will heavily relate to your ability to handle a wide range of work-related scenarios. From your answers, the interviewer will also be able to understand your attention to detail and ability to collaborate with others.

Taylor Communications Online Testing

Even prior to sending in your CV, pre-hire test preparation should be at the top of your priority list

Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test (BMCT) is used to measure a person’s aptitude for understanding and applying mechanical principles. Employers can use this to infer future performance in jobs that require these skills. There are two versions of the BMCT: BMCT, which consists of 68 multiple-choice questions and has a 30-minute time limit, and BMCT II, which consists of 55 multiple-choice questions and has a 25-minute time limit.

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