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Meet Peter, a Retail Professional

Peter is a seasoned veteran in the world of retail who wanted to advance his career. “I work mostly as a consultant for different organizations, and there is one particular company offering a bigger role with some equity involved.”

So, Peter applied, but he was intimidated after being asked to take a pre-employment test as part of his application.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in formal education, so some of the basic mathematics just took a bit of hard work to figure out. I mean, how do you multiply a fraction? Crikey, when was the last time you had to do that?”


In pursuit of practice materials to ease his nerves, Peter did a quick Google search. There, he discovered JobTestPrep, particularly our comprehensive practice resources for the PLI and behavioral assessments.

Practice Makes Perfect

Peter was impressed by the breadth of JobTestPrep’s online preparation packs, specifically noting the section-specific practice tests, our Step-by-Step Mode with answer explanations, and our informative study guides.

“I liked the separate sections on each of the subjects, so if there was anything I was particularly slow with I could spend more time on it and go back. I also loved the fact that you could work out the answer and look them up with the explanations. After enough practice, it finally clicked for me and I was able to understand where I had gone wrong.”

“I really enjoyed the experience of taking practice tests,” Peter added. “It was like doing puzzles. It was actually fun.”

Exam Success

When test day arrived, Peter showed up to his exam feeling confident. And that feeling only magnified when he sat down to take the test. “JobTestPrep’s practice materials perfectly matched the exam I was asked to take. While the questions weren’t the same, the style and technique I learned were perfect in helping me pass.”

After “passing the test with flying colors,” Peter was offered the position. He credits JobTestPrep for his exam success.


“I would definitely use JobTestPrep’s products again and would highly recommend its services to anyone.”

The JobTestPrep Advantage

JobTestPrep prides itself on creating quality practice materials to help get you up to speed with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to pass your employment exam. Our research has shown that job applicants have a 73% higher chance of getting the job they want when they use JobTestPrep’s online practice resources. We know that many pre-employment tests require applicants to call upon knowledge that hasn’t been utilized since grade school, and it is our business to help prepare you as best as possible.

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