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Sebastian's Story of Success 

Having recently graduated from university, Sebastian was looking to put his degree to good use by applying for a Deloitte graduate program. His google searches for practice materials provided little to no help. That is, until he found JobTestPrep…

"One of the key necessities towards getting my job at Deloitte was passing three examinations," Sebastian recounted. "It was hard to actually get practice for these tests since they're produced by SHL, which offers very little online preparation. Most of the preparation was available in a hardback book, which is not of great use because when you take the actual test on a computer, it's a completely different environment and you perform differently."

"What JobTestPrep did," he continued, "was allow me to spend a lot of time practicing, rehearsing, and making sure I was focused so that I understood what the testing process would be like and what to expect."

Sebastian specifically highlighted JobTestPrep's quality practice tests as the basis for his success.

"For me, the ability to review every test I took, to understand what percentages I was at, and the fact that the practice pack was unlimited was the best thing about JobTestPrep's materials," he explained. "They offered the largest spread of test questions, and being able to take their practice tests over and over again really helped me to prepare."

And Sebastian isn’t the only one who has seen great success from using our preparation services.

"I recommended this product to all of my friends when they applied for graduate positions, and all of them have gone on to secure brilliant jobs."

JobTestPrep was able to open doors and see that Sebastian got noticed during the application process, his scores distinguishing him from his peers.

"If I hadn't gotten this job with Deloitte, I wouldn't have begun working at one of the world's best professional service firms, and I wouldn't have gotten this experience on my CV to take on to future employers," Sebastian noted. "JobTestPrep's practice is really what helped me to achieve this opportunity."

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