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Prepare for the State Street Corporation Hiring Process

Founded in 1792, State Street Corporation works with institutional investors worldwide to provide financial services, including investment management, investment research and trading. They help their clients by protecting their investments, strengthening markets, building communities and creating opportunities. State Street knows that their success is due to their professional and motivated employees. For this reason, State Street is focused on employee development and offers a variety of career opportunities for growth. There are over 30,000 State Street employees who thrive in the company and provide leadership and excellence.

Below are important steps used during the State Street recruitment process:

Application: To be considered for an open position, applicants must complete the entire online application and submit their resume. Other ways of applying are with an employee referral or campus recruiter.

Telephone Interview: Applicants may receive a phone call from an HR representative, so they can be asked about their work background and skills. An in-person interview may be scheduled for applicants if this initial brief interview goes well.

In-Person Interview: Face-to-face interviews may be performed through a variety of methods depending on the type of job position they are interested in. Interviews may take place over several stages with one or more employers.

Tests: It is possible for applicants to go through a psychometric test stage during the hiring process. The State Street aptitude entrance exams help companies sift out unsuitable applicants. One’s cognitive abilities are tested in diverse subjects.


The State Street Test Process

When taking the State Street psychometric exams, applicants’ skills, qualities, and technical knowledge are assessed. A variety of entrance exams can be distributed to measure one’s scores in numerous subjects. Applicants’ mathematical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills may all be measured to assess arithmetical competences, written data understanding, and decision-making abilities.

Microsoft exams, such as the Excel exam, may be distributed to assess candidates’ knowledge of the platform. Other State Street assessment tests consist of the situational judgement (SJT) and personality tests. The SJT test asks behavioral-related questions to predict how one will respond to workplace scenarios based on how they acted in previous situations. The personality assessment displays one’s assets and characteristics.

Start Practicing for the State Street Assessment Test Process with JobTestPrep.

The State Street Interview Process

The State Street interview process can be short or long depending on the level and type of jobs being applied for. Interview approaches may be technical, asking questions assessing one’s understanding of the job’s requirements. Behavioral questions focus on an interviewee’s choices in response to scenarios. The STAR technique is often a good method to use when answering these questions. First one can address the situation, then the task, afterwards they can explain the action taken and the end result.

Examples of State Street interview questions are as follows:

  • Why State Street?
  • Tell us about a time you missed a deadline and how you handled it.
  • Tells us about a time you had to think outside of the box to solve a problem.
  • Tell us about a time you had to work with someone difficult and what did you do?
State Street Corporation Subsidiaries
Currenex SwapEx. LLC InfraHedge Ltd. Managed Pension Funds Ltd.
Maizelands Limited AcadiaSoft, Inc. SSB REALTY, LLC Sanpolo Bank S.A.


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