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Prepare for Spirit Airlines with JobTestPrep

At JobTestPrep, we strive to develop high-quality practice materials able to prepare job candidates for their pre-employment assessment. To help applicants to get a wished-for position, we have put into our comprehensive PrepPack™ tests that accurately approximate the Spirit Airlines’s official tests and contain tasks and questions that they will, most probably, meet on their examination. Aiming to make your learning process even more productive, we have also added to our resources different drills and reader-friendly study guides. They will enable you to track your progress and eliminate your weak points before you come to your assessment at the Spirit Airlines. Avail yourself of an opportunity to improve your knowledge of the subject with our resources and prove to your recruiters that you can be trusted with the most difficult tasks and operations.



Come Out on Top during Your Spirit Airlines Aptitude Tests with JobTestPrep!

It does not matter if you are a high-level C-Level big shot or a simple 9-5 employee, you will be expected to pass the Spirit Airlines’s aptitude test. JobTestPrep has devised a comprehensive study program to simplify all subject matters and help you focus in on weak spots through realistic exercises, score calculations and answer explanations. Let JobTestPrep pave your road to a successful career.



Spirit Airlines Interview Process

The Spirit Airlines interview process will usually have several steps, including a phone interview and two face to face interviews: first with a professional hiring manager, and then with HR. The higher the position, the more rounds of interviews you will need to go through, including with VPs and even CEOs. Note that during the final interview you have to present a report or personal project.

What Should I Expect from the Spirit Airlines Aptitude Test?

Aptitude tests are usually timed. Their time limit is so short that you will have less than a minute to answer each answer. Only 1.5% of applicants can correctly answer questions within a set time limit. Aptitude tests are multiple-choice tests: you need to select one correct answer within several incorrect alternatives. Often, information will appear within graphs, tables, or logical statements. Your task is to analyze this data and then make relevant logical or mathematical conclusions from it.

What Does the Spirit Airlines Personality Assessment Measure?

This assessment is used to measure certain job-specific personality traits sought after by Spirit Airlines. It should be noted that although there are technically no right or wrong answers in a personality assessment, certain responses can negatively impact your overall workplace personality profile. If, in the end, your profile happens to be a match for the position being offered, you are more likely to be offered the job.

What Does the SJT Prove?

The test proves that you can clearly communicate and more importantly mediate between colleges and find unique solutions to both everyday and more complicated issues in the office and company at large. If you can cope with the pressure, your future employer will know by the end of the test.

How Long Is the Phone Interview?

A phone interview is usually not complicated or long. You will be asked questions about your educational background and work experience. An interviewer may also tell you about the company and the duties that you will be expected to perform, if you qualify for the applied position. Depending on how detailed is your description of your working experience, the phone interview may take up to 40 minutes.

How Can I Boost My Chances at a Job Offer?

The number one best thing that you can do is to come well prepared for test day. Companies across a wide range of industries are continuously raising the bar on their pre-employment tests, to combat a growing demand for work. Weeding out the bad, the good and the ugly is more important than ever. JobTestPrep’s up to date tests, drills, study guides, and answer keys give you an easy pathway to passing the test and moving another step closer to realizing your goal of joining the ranks at Spirit Airlines.


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