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Sale Situational Judgment Test Preparation

Interested in becoming a sales rep? JobTestPrep is offering a preparation platform for Sales Situational Judgment Tests that provides you with all the information and practice tests you need to succeed on the test.
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About SJT for Sales

The world of Sales is open to anyone with the energy, resilience and follow-through to take a prospective customer from the point of initial communication to the closing of a sale. To break into this potentially lucrative field, a Sales Situational Judgment Test (SJT) is often required.

The bottom line in taking a Sales SJT is to produce a test result that clearly shows you have what it takes to be a successful Sales Rep. JobTestPrep can help you to achieve that result.

Sales Situational Judgment Test Format

Sales SJTs are usually administered by computer; however, other formats include paper & pencil, text only, audio with computer animation and/or video. The test rarely has a time limit. Sales SJTs are comprised of multiple-choice questions that include optional responses to a dilemma that is presented in scenarios that depict realistic situations that sales representatives regularly handle. For each scenario, you are requested to choose a preferred course of action or to rate optional courses of action. These questions are designed to assess competencies that are valuable for your success as a sales representative, such as interpersonal skills, resilience, flexibility, the drive to achieve results; and more.

Skills & Traits of a Sales Rep

To become a Sales Representative, you may have to take a Sales Assessment Test, that includes the Sales SJT. When employers are looking for sale representatives they look for certain skills and traits. The characteristics that are the focus on the test include:

  • Ability to manage hostile reactions
  • Talent for questioning and listening
  • Ability to prospect for clients
  • The person who can kick a goal and close sales
  • Teamwork
  • Knowledge of products and markets
  • Enthusiasm and the will to succeed
  • Initiative
  • Acceptance of accountability
  • Open to criticism

Prepare for the Sales SJT

We give you with insight to the competencies that the Sales SJT measures and provide you with practice tests and elaborate explanations, so that you can take the Sales SJT confident, equipped with everything you need to know to ace the test. Begin your Sales SJT preparation now.

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