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Thinking of applying for a job at a Call Center? A Situational Judgement Test (SJT) will likely be a part of your application process. JobTestPrep provides a solid preparation program including score-enhancing tips and realistic practice tests.
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About the Call Center SJT

The purpose of the Call Center SJT is to quickly find the outstanding applicant whose positive attitude, desire to deliver high quality service to all customers, empathy and calm handling of stressful situations sets that candidate apart from the hundreds of other applicants. The Call Center SJT may be combined with the Call Center Assessment Test.

Test Format & Question Types

The Call Center SJT consists of 25 - 50 multiple-choice questions that include real-life scenarios that portrait situations that you will likely encounter on the job. Each scenario will include a dilemma, and you will be requested to choose the best (or worst) response or to rate possible responses to the situation.

Call Center SJT scenarios are engaging and encourage you to answer intuitively. However, your spontaneous choices may not highlight your competencies and skills to your prospective employers. Proper preparation that includes familiarizing yourself with the test and practicing questions can help you use the Call Center SJT to present yourself as that outstanding candidate. The test is not usually timed.

Competencies on the Call Center SJT

Call Center Situational Judgment Tests focus on five categories of competencies: communication skills, interpersonal skills, cognitive skills, personality traits and attitudes. Some of the main competencies that fall under those categories are:

  • Ability to handle challenging scenarios
  • Having the inner drive to provide high quality service
  • Capacity to pleasantly convince others without causing resentment
  • Understanding the needs of customers

Prepare Online for the Call Center SJT

Take advantage of the SJT preparation provided by JobTestPrep. We provide full practice tests online, including explanations for every question, accompanied with our thorough guide that informs you of everything you need to succeed on the test. Study for your Call Center SJT now.

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