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Prepare with our Singapore Airlines Assessment PrepPacks™

Your success in the Singapore Airlines recruitment process was the key factor in creating our in-depth Caliper test PrepPacks™. Being able to familiarize yourself with this test and its format will undoubtedly give you the edge you need to surpass the Singapore Airlines hiring process.


Top the Singapore Airlines Assessment Tests with JobTestPrep!

Before arriving for your Singapore Airlines assessments it is important to undergo a number of practice tests to better understand the material and timeframes expected of you. JobTestPrep PrepPacks™ are designed to aid you in mastering the Singapore Airlines assessment questions, format and timing.


Singapore Airlines Interview Prep

Multiple interviews for Singapore Airlines positions are a common practice to give decision makers at multiple levels the opportunity to make sure that you are the right candidate for the job. Each interviewer can ask questions from different slants and points of expertise. From the initial phone interview to the final interview/presentation, JobTestPrep will make sure you are ready.

What Kinds of the Aptitude Tests Will I Have?

There are several types of the Aptitude Test. You may need to take the Abstract and Conceptual Aptitude Tests or the Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests. Or you may be required to pass the Inductive or Logical Reasoning Tests. There are also the Verbal Reasoning Test and the Numerical Reasoning Test.

How can I Pass My Singapore Airlines Personality Test?

Understanding and familiarizing yourself with the workplace competencies and personality traits desired by Singapore Airlines for the open position in their company will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have also applied. JobTestPrep offers a variety of resources to help you with every aspect of the Singapore Airlines hiring process.

What is the Difference Between SJT Ranked and Multiple Choice Questions?

Ranked items and multiple-choice answers are two possible variations in the SJT that you may be challenged with during Singapore Airlines testing. How are these different?

  • Ranked items: In this variation of the SJT there is only one correct answer from a number of options.
  • Multiple-Choice: In this format, all answers are technically correct, however others are most suitable options than others.

Remember that this test Is assessing both your text book knowledge and practical skills sets, so come prepared and imagine that all scenarios presented are taking place in real time.

What Score Do I Need on the Pre-employment Test?

Truthfully, there is no hardline score, but rather a consensus of scores based on how the entire group of competing job seekers. Generally, test takers are invited for interviews based on score gap of even 0.5%, so just half a percentage point could be the difference between an interview or walk to the exit. Make sure you come prepared with JobTestPrep’s all-inclusive PrepPack™.

What Questions Are Asked on the Face-To-Face Interview?

On the face-to-face interview, you may talk about your education, working experience, and qualities that recommend you for the applied position. Your interviewers may ask you competency-based questions to ascertain if you can perform the job effectively and smartly. There will also be situational questions. To answer them, you will need to think of a difficult situation that you faced in your former workplace. Then, tell what measures you took to resolve it, why you chose certain actions, and what were the alternatives. Elaborate also on what you learned from your experience. Interviewers may also ask you technical questions, if you are applying for a position involving technological operations. If you do not feel confident about your forthcoming interview, consult our exclusive interview practice materials. With them, you will increase your chances of excelling on your interview.


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