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Prepare for Shoppers Drug Mart Employment Process

Whether you have interested in the Shoppers Drug Mart internship, a corporate or in-store position, the application and interview process are similar.

  • Application Process: Depending on the position, it is possible to apply in person. Internships and corporate positions will need to be applied for directly from the Shoppers Drug Mart website.
  • Initial Interview: If you happen to apply for a position in person, it may be that your initial interview will be held in the same day. For online applications, you will be contacted by a hiring manager or HR representative via email or phone to come in for an interview. Keep in mind that you may need to go through an initial phone screening prior to your in-person interview.
  • Aptitude Test: To ensure that they are hiring the most suitable candidate, Shoppers Drug Mart will often use aptitude and assessment tests to evaluate the skill sets and competencies of their applicants. If your scores are a match for the position you have applied for, you are likely to be offered the job or internship.
  • In-Person Interview: To further gain an understanding of your abilities and work persona, Shoppers Drug Mart will ask you to come in for a face-to-face interview. This interview will either be held one-on-one with the hiring manager, in in a group/ panel of various department heads.

Shoppers Drug Mart Online Aptitude Tests

Regardless of your job level, Shoppers Drug Mart will likely administer different assessment tests to evaluate a number of skills and competencies necessary for the position you have applied to. The most common assessments you are bound to face throughout the pre-employment process are personality tests, situational judgement tests, as well as job-specific knowledge and skills tests.

Shoppers Drug Mart Interview Process

Practicing the style of questions you will be expected to answer along with your responses will make the process go smoothly. Preparing beforehand will ensure that the element of surprise is kept at bay, allowing you to answer your Shoppers Drug Mart interview questions with confidence.

Using the STAR method for behavioral or situational questions will give you the ability to present your answers in an organized and engaging way.

Below you will find many examples of the Shoppers Drug Mart interview questions which have been asked of other candidates in the past:

  • Tell me how your previous experience will help you in your new role with our company.
  • Why would you like to work for Shoppers Drug Mart?
  • Can you tell me about a time where you provided exceptional customer service?
  • What does teamwork mean to you?


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