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What's Included

Cubiks-style Tests

  • 3 Cubiks-style Logiks General Intermediate Practice Tests
  • 3 Cubiks-style Logiks Numerical Advanced Practice Tests
  • 3 Cubiks-style Logiks Verbal Advanced Practice Tests

cut-e style Tests

  • 4 cut-e style Verbal Ability Practice Tests
  • 5 cut-e style Numerical Ability Practice Tests
  • 2 cut-e style scales cls Practice Tests
  • 3 cut-e style scales ix Practice Tests

Saville-style Tests

  • 2 Saville-style Comprehension Practice Tests
  • 3 Saville-style Analysis Practice Tests
  • 4 Saville Abstract Reasoning Practice Tests

SHL-style Tests

  • 3 SHL-style Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • 3 SHL-style Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • 2 SHL-style Deductive Reasoning Tests
  • 3 SHL-style Inductive Reasoning Tests

Talent Q-style Tests

  • 3 Talent Q-style Aspects Numerical Practice Tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Aspects Verbal Practice Tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Elements Numerical Practice Tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Elements Verbal Practice Tests
  • 3 Talent Q-style Elements Logical Practice Tests




Inside this jam-packed package, you will find 9 Cubiks-style tests, broken down into general intermediate tests, numerical and verbal, there are also 14 cut-e-style tests which entail separate verbal abilities, numerical, and scales cls and scales ix. The 11 SHL-style tests are in numerical reasoning, verbal, deductive, and inductive reasoning bundles while the last 14 Talent Q-style are split into both aspects and elements of numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning.

The Test Breakdown

While the four listed test providers all have similar numerical and verbal reasonings exams attached, each test provider includes an extra feature. Below is the breakdown:

  • Cubiks-style: Test takers will find that this version of the exam is considered intermediate.
  • cut-e-style: cut-e-style tests meanwhile have scale cls and ix added to the main test.
  • SHL-style: The SHL-style includes inductive and inductive reasoning.
  • Saville-style: Here you will find abstract tests intertwined with the main package.
  • Talent Q-style: Talent Q-style exams has a focus on logical reasoning.

Who is This Pack Aimed At?

This PrepPack™ is for those who are uncertain which test provider they will use and want to ensure that they cover multiple bases to further increase the chances of hiring probability. These providers are commonly used by about 25% of top companies. Thus, by practicing our all-inclusive pack, you increase your chances of adapting to the probable test situation. Each exam is structured a little differently giving you a greater chance of acing your tests and entering your new chosen company.


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