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What Is the School Security Guard?

The School Security Officer is the person responsible for the security of the whole school and the safety of pupils’ lives. They ensure that children are safe inside the school’s premises. Because they also prevent crimes, the Security Guard is crucial for creating a safe and pleasant atmosphere at school. Security Officers help the school’s Principal and teachers to maintain discipline and provide the defence to keep students’ misconduct at bay. By their example, they also teach young people the social skills necessary for their academic success and peaceful coexistence with their peers and tutors in a classroom and during various school activities. The Security Guard is also indispensable in times of emergency. To safeguard children and the school in dangerous moments, School Security Guards Should be properly trained.   

What Training Should the School Security Guard Have?

To work as a Security Officer at school, you will need to be at least eighteen years old and have a high school certificate. You also need to receive a Security Guard License. Before receiving it, however, you will need to complete Security Guard courses often offered by community colleges. The training also involves passing criminal background check and drug tests. You may also need to be fingerprinted. Think also of people who can write references to you and confirm that you possess personal traits needed to succeed in the role of the School Security Guard and that your character is beyond reproach. Once you have completed your training, you may apply for the Security Officer License. In some cases, you will need also to pass a state exam. When you are employed, the school administration may also want you to receive additional training specific to the system of this particular school, because they will need to familiarize themselves with the problems existing there and prepare themselves to the students’ behavior and the possible reactions from the Principal, teachers, and the school community as a whole.

JobTestPrep can prepare you for all exams you will need to pass to obtain this license. Our specially designed PrepPack™ contains the Numerical Reasoning Test, the Verbal Reasoning Test, and the Logical Reasoning Test that are modeled on the tests that you are likely to be administered during your training. Added to these tests is also the Personality Assessment. By practicing with it, you may understand what qualities employers seek in their School Security Guards and learn how to build an impressive Personality Profile that will prove to your recruiters that you have courage, strength, and intelligence to defend school children and the school.

What Skills Should the School Security Guard Possess?

The School Security Officer should be well prepared to work with children and young adolescents, who may be often unruly. To maintain discipline and peace at school, its Security Guard should possess the following skills:

  • Resourcefulness – Security Guards should know how to deal with different types of illegal or unlawful behavior on time and efficiently. They should be smart and resourceful enough to find appropriate solution to difficult situation that they may not encountered before.
  • Knowledge of Rules and Regulations – Security Guards should be well familiar with the policies of the school which they guard and know all its regulations and laws to avoid making an error of judgement when evaluating a particular situation.
  • Analytical skills – Security Officers need to have an ability to analyze any piece of evidence that they have and draw relevant conclusions from this analysis.
  • Good Social Skills and Amicability – Security Guards should know how to build good relationship with the school staff and students in particular so that their words and the disciplinary measures they propose carry considerable weight.
  • Excellent Physical Shape - Security Officers should be physically fit and have quick reactions to the environment. These skills prove indispensable in difficult and dangerous situations.
  • Good Knowledge of Weapons – Security Officers should have a working knowledge of weapons and self-defense.
  • Tech-Savvy – They also need to be technologically inclined, because a lot of digital monitoring equipment is used at this job.

What Duties Does the School Security Guard Assume?

The job of the School Security Officer is highly important and involves a lot of responsibilities. A partial list of these responsibilities is presented below:

  • Security Guards should carefully patrol the school and its surroundings. They should strategically set lookout points around the school to forestall intrusions of unwelcome people and maintain the necessary level of protection.
  • They should supervise students’ activities in the school and dormitories, provided they are guarding a boarding school.
  • They should secure all entrances to the school and carry security checks around the school to ensure that its premises do not contain dangerous, prohibited objects. They should protect students from various hazards too.
  • Security Guards should help students resolve disputes and fights between themselves and see to that they get on and off the school bus safely.
  • In emergency, School Security Officers should vacate the school efficiently, without causing panic and chaos among students and staff.
  • In case of fire or somebody’s illness, Security Guards are also responsible for calling a fire brigade or ambulance.
  • They also need to write incident reports and misconduct reports.

How Much Does the Security Officer Earn Annually?

The Security Guard in the United States usually makes between US$16,000 and US$24,000 per year depending on work experience and education. Security Guards receive an average compensation of US$26400 every year.

JobTestPrep does everything in its power to prepare job candidates for the role of the School Security Guard. To reach this goal, we have created an all-inclusive PrepPack™ that includes close test simulations, detailed study guides, answer keys, and interview kit. Armed with our practice materials, you will pass your pre-employment assessment with success and will start protecting students and teachers, ensuring their peaceful studying and working at school.   


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