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Prepare for Schlumberger with JobTestPrep

Aptitude tests are commonplace during hiring processes, including at Schlumberger. Make sure you are well equipped to answer questions in the tight timeframes by making use of JobTestPreps authoritative pre-hire prep guides.


The Ultimate Prep for Your Schlumberger Assessment Tests

Being successful in your pursuit of the position being offered by Schlumberger will boil down to how well you have prepared for their recruitment process. Face the Schlumberger assessments and interviews with confidence and ease by using JobTestPrep’s highly specialized pre-employment PrepPacks™ today!


Schlumberger Interview Stage

There are many different types of interviews : one-on-one with your intended superior or panel interviews including various Schlumberger position holders; an interview beginning with a presentation or assignment you’ve been asked to prepare or simply an open talk ; conducted on the phone, performed via video chat or held face to face and more. Start practicing with our interview preparation packs now to learn how to make the best appearance for any scenario.

What Is the Schlumberger Personality Test?

The Personality Test was designed to evaluate job candidates’ general aptitude for an applied position. Employers want to make sure their potential employees will be the right fit for their organization. They also want to predict that their prospective co-workers will not manifest counterproductive behavior such as pilfering, time-wasting, or gossiping. To ensure they weed out potentially undesirable candidates, employers ask job candidates to take the Personality Test. Based on applicants’ answers, employers build their individual personality profiles and make hiring decisions in favor of candidates with the most pleasant character.

What is the Formatting of the Schlumberger SJT?

The two primary formats are interactive and linear. Linear are singular questions with no logical connection to the following question, while interactive SJT formats will a sequence of logical questioning.

How Should I Handle the Phone Interview?

First, make sure you have your resume memorized so you can easily discuss your past work experiences and the skill sets you have listed. Think of the phone interview as an initial fact checking mission by the company to put you on the spot, so make sure you do not stutter and come across as confident.

How Can I Boost My Chances at a Job Offer?

The number one best thing that you can do is to come well prepared for test day. Companies across a wide range of industries are continuously raising the bar on their pre-employment tests, to combat a growing demand for work. Weeding out the bad, the good and the ugly is more important than ever. JobTestPrep’s up to date tests, drills, study guides, and answer keys give you an easy pathway to passing the test and moving another step closer to realizing your goal of joining the ranks at Schlumberger.

What Is a Panel Interview?

A panel interview involves several interviewers. As a rule, if you are called for the panel interview, you will have an opportunity to talk to 5 or 6 representatives of the Schlumberger. Your interviewers may be Human Resources representatives, several of your prospective managers, and team leaders. They will take turns to ask you competency-based, situational, and, perhaps, technical questions.


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