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San Antonio Civil Service Commission Firefighter Test

The San Antonio Fire Department hiring procedure starts with an entrance exam. Your ranking on the Eligibility List is dependent upon your firefighter test result. There is a cognitive section as well as a personality assessment.

A large portion of the cognitive exam contains reading comprehension elements. However, applicants have reported that the memorization part of the test is the most challenging. By practicing with sample tests, analyzing practice exam questions and answers, you gain a familiarity with the types of questions and overall test format that you will encounter on the actual exam.

SAFD Cognitive Examination Format

This is a multiple-choice, Paper & Pencil test containing 100 items. The time limit is 2.5 hours.

Keep in mind that there is no penalty for wrong answers. Therefore, answer every question. For difficult questions, first eliminate the obviously wrong alternatives, then guess if necessary. Move along quickly, keeping track of time.

Many testing experts recommend answering all of the easier questions first, and then back-tracking to complete the more difficult items. Make sure to coordinate your Answer Sheet number with the question number that you are answering.

Content of the San Antonio Firefighter Entrance Test

The Cognitive Section spans many competency areas:

  • Visualization/Memorization – This important skill assessment involves your ability to remember detailed information contained in passages and pictures.
  • Written Comprehension – This skill measures your ability to understand words, phrases, sentences and passages. Firefighters put this competency to use in reading documents such as fire safety codes and incident reports. You will find moderately long scenarios, each followed by a series of questions focused on your understanding of the passage.
  • Written Expression – The ability to communicate information and ideas is tested through written expression questions. Grammar, spelling and vocabulary are assessed in short statements containing a missing word or phrase. The task is to pick the correct wording that fits into each statement. Other items require the identity of the one line that contains a grammatical error.
  • Information Gathering – Passages and incident reports are presented, each followed by sequencing questions or by recall-of-information items.
  • Problem Sensitivity – You will find passages presenting problems. Each passage is followed by questions that require the identity of the problem found in the passage.
  • Inductive Reasoning – Situations are presented. The task is to find the rule or relationship that is inherent in the entire set of circumstances. You will find charts and graphs to decipher in assessing this skill. This type of reasoning is used by firefighters when searching for the point of origin of a fire.
  • Deductive Reasoning – This is the application of a general rule to specific situations. You will be provided with rules or definitions. The task is to apply those rules or definitions to individuals or objects in various scenarios.
  • Flexibility of Closure – You will encounter complex drawings. Geometric shapes follow each drawing. Pick the one shape that is contained in the drawing.
  • Spatial Orientation – Measured in each spatial orientation question is your ability to perceive your location in relation to the situational environment. This skill assessment involves maps and written directions.
  • Selective Attention – Sets containing letters, numbers and symbols are provided. For each set, find the one alternative that exactly matches that set.

Prepare for Your SAFD Test

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