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Practice with our Red Robin Aptitude PrepPacks™

Our Red Robin aptitude preparation packs were designed to get you ready for every aspect of the recruitment process. Gain access to dozens of practice tests, study guides, and more to ace your Red Robin assessments!


Preparation is the Key to Success on the Red Robin Assessments

Ace your Red Robin assessments using JobTestPrep’s highly effective and in-depth practice materials. Access dozens of our practice tests, study guides, score reports and more.


Red Robin Interview Policy

It is very common to participate in several interviews prior to becoming an employee with Red Robin. The initial interview or screening interview will most likely be held over the phone with an HR representative. In this interview you will be asked several questions covering your availability, salary expectations, work experience, etc.

If you happen to pass the initial screening interview, you should be invited to participate in one or several face-to-face interviews which may be held either one-to-one, in a group, or before a panel.

How Do Aptitude Tests Differ?

The Aptitude Test has long become a more accurate alternative to other method of pre-employment assessment. It was created because employers realized that interviewing people or walking them through their résumé did not correctly predict their future performance at work. The Aptitude Test evaluates applicants’ various cognitive abilities and reactions to certain situations and, therefore, becomes a better way to winnow out undesirable candidates. There are several types of the Aptitude Test, each of which estimates different sets of candidates’ abilities. Whereas the Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests respectively evaluate applicants’ skills to perform basic arithmetic operations and analyze written information, the Diagrammatical Reasoning Test measures how well they understand data presented in charts and diagrams. Neither numerical questions nor verbal problems are particularly difficult. Yet answering all questions correctly on the test does not come naturally. Job candidates should practice before they set their foot in the examination room. JobTestPrep has created high-quality practice materials that can lead any applicant to a job offer.

What Should I Expect on the Personality Test?

The Personality Test is a more reliable means of evaluating the personality of potential employees that interviews. This test is so cleverly constructed by leading psychologists that it presents employers with a clear picture of whom they are considering for an applied position. It allows employers to predict whether their potential employees will demonstrate production, property, or political deviance and whether they are likely to become aggressive or vengeful when interacting with their co-workers. To ascertain these unpleasant possibilities more precisely, the Personality Test contains several types of questions. Some of them will present you with pictures of people and you will need to describe their emotional reaction to certain circumstances. Other questions will require you to rank your attitude to given statements, on the scale from the least agreement to the most agreement. The Personality Test is usually long and may take you up to 3 hours to answer all its questions.

What Does the SJT Tell Red Robin About Me?

Employees will face a wide range of assessment throughout the course of their careers. Employers want to know not only what you know, but more importantly how you employ and apply that knowledge. It is for this reason that the test is also known as the professional dilemma test. Instead of looking as the SJT as a challenge, see it as an opportunity to rise above the competition.

How Should I prepare for the Job Interview?

The first mistake that people make before going to an interview is failing to study the company. People tend to try to make the interview about their skills, past and aspirations, but forget that they are vying to work for a company with its own aspirations. Make sure you know what the company does, various products launched, clientele type, Top Executives and more. Make the interviewer feel that you care about the company and are not just there for the pay check.

At Which Point in the Red Robin Recruitment Process Should I Expect to Take the Assessment Tests?

You should expect to take the assessment tests either as a prerequisite for an interview, or as part of the interview process. The purpose of the aptitude tests is to find the best candidate for the position being offered.


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