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About the PrepPacks

Are you trying to figure out how to gain the upper hand throughout the QuickTrip hiring process? Our comprehensive and innovative packs give what you need to know and the ability to practice answering questions in the right format and time constraints.

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How to Prepare for Your QuickTrip Interview?

There are a number of possible positions including clerks (full and part-time), Relief Assistant Manager among many other positions. Here a sampling of questions from recent interviews at the company.

Clerk Interview 

  • Q: What do you know about customer service
  • A: When answering this question think about the various products in question, being a solution finder, your efficiency and of course your attitude.
  • Q: Why are you the best candidate?
  • A: Before giving this answer make a short list of 3-4 points, which might include soft and technical skills, experience in the industry, maybe awards you have received and your educational background.

Relief Assistant Manager Interview

Note: The interview begins with two simple math equations if you get the right answer you move on to the formal interview.

  • Q: Are you Ok with dirty jobs if necessary.
  • A: Just answer the question open and honestly, they want a multi-tasker that is as comfortable filling out paperwork then is taking out the garbage.
  • Q: What is your experience in the world of retail?
  • A: Even if you have no actual experience, focus on the skills needed for the job. Speak about how much you know about the products, explain your fabulous people skills by giving stories of how you convinced someone to do something.

QuickTrip Test

Not all pre-hiring process are equal. Depending on the position in question you may see different tests. Here are some possibilities.

Personality Test

QuickTrip, like many other companies, uses personality assessments in order to evaluate their applicants’ workplace competencies and personas. Each company possesses its own unique culture and standards, so in using personality assessments during the recruitment process, QuickTrip has the ability to find the candidate with the personality profile that is the best match for their company.

Verbal Assessment Test

The verbal assessments measure your ability to reach accurate conclusions based on a written passage or passages. Gauging a candidate’s verbal logic is essential for companies who are looking for applicants with strong communication skills.

Raven Progressive Matrices Assessment Test

This assessment evaluates basic cognitive functions. The test employs series of geometric shapes instead of words. You should assess the shapes and detect and order to find the missing piece.



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