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Prepare for the Pure Process Technology Recruitment Process

Founded in 1999, Pure Process Technology (PPT) is an OEM Manufacturer of Water & Solvent Purification Systems. They serve a variety of applications. Pure Process Technology possesses a vast knowledge base in design, manufacturing, and production. They aim to provide their customers with valuable, high-quality service.

Steps in the Pure Process Technology hiring process are:

Application: The Pure Process Technology application process can be filled online along with an updated resume. Other methods of applying can be with an employee referral or in-person.

Telephone Interview: You will then receive a phone call to discuss the subsequent stage. This phone call is usually brief and can be followed by having your next interview scheduled.

In-Person Interview: If the hiring committee deems you qualified, you will be invited to one or more in-person interviews which can be led by a hiring manager and/or a member of the hiring team. Panel interviews may also take place as well.

Test: Some entrance exams, such as the PLI tests, may be required as part of the recruitment process. Aptitude exams give the selection committee a chance to evaluate candidates’ cognitive capabilities and personality.

The Pure Process Technology PLI Test Process

Psychometric tests include aptitude exams which help the hiring team gain more information about each candidate. This helps them guarantee that they will hire capable employees. The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI) test used to be called the Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) and aims to measure one’s cognitive abilities and how well they can adapt to the workplace. The three topics which are assessed during this process are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning.

Another PLI test is the Predictive Index (PI) Behavioral Assessment which highlights one’s core character traits. These traits are sought after by employers, as they display how suitable one is for the job position. These qualities assess one’s range of extroversion, formality, patience, and dominance. This assessment test is conducted to pinpoint the behavioral tendencies one possesses and uses the traits to determine how they will behave in the office.

Start Practicing for the Pure Process Technology PLI Assessment Process with JobTestPrep.

Pure Process Technology Interview Questions

The Pure Process Technology interview process is not designed to test your book knowledge, but rather learn about your personality, communication skills, and leadership aptitude. Interviews are performed in an interactive manner in order to hire only the most capable contenders. Examples of possible interview questions are listed below:


  • Why Pure Process Technology?
  • What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome it?
  • What skills do you offer for this position?
  • What is your greatest strength?



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